The Demon in the Mirror Trick

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This is an old trick, one I am sure many of you have tried. Turn down the lights and stare into a mirror. Stare at your face, and let your eyes go out of focus. Your face, the face you've known your entire life, will start to morph, twist and become demonic before your very eyes.

This used to be a fun party trick, especially if you were telling a scary story while it was happening. Something about watching your own face twist, it's just unnerving in such a deep, personal way.

Don't ever do it. If you're reading this, just don't. I did it recently, on the spur. I was walking out of my kitchen, and my bathroom door was open. There was just enough light from the little kitchen light to see the mirror. I stared, and watched my face turn ugly. Same as always. Until it smiled back. At first I thought I smiled. No, the reflection did.

I don't know much, but I know that whatever is on the other side of the mirror hates you. Maybe because we just see it as our reflection, our property, something to use to comb our hair and brush our teeth. But it's alive. And full of hate.

I hear it now, at night, tapping on the mirror. It wants out. I tried to show my wife, but it's smart. She just sees the reflection, but as soon as she turns around, it smiles at me. The taps have started to turn into pounding. Not just at home anymore either. It goes wherever I go, and it wants me.

Tonight I am alone. I can hear it tapping, and now it's pounding. Its face is that twisted face. See, I figured it out. That twisted face, that isn't from our eyes going blurry. No, that's its real face showing up.

Oh God.

I just heard glass shatter.

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