Class Creeps

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Opening explanation: A few friends and I used to "get together" and watch streaming video over the web. This was back when it was a novel concept, and though we were guilty of group-viewing at least two pirated films before their release date, the majority of our "viewing parties" were mostly innocent. We primarily focused on cult classics, old favorites, and the occasional oddball "bargain bin" find.

The last time we held a viewing party, the subject of our little gathering was "Class Creeps", an animated series that supposedly aired in the early 1990s. One member of our group, Phil, discovered a few copies of the first season in a Walmart DVD bin, and sat on it for little over a month so we could all view it together.

Most of our exchanges were saved for a group blog. It was my turn to save the chat log, and another group member, Jessie, had the honor of describing onscreen events.

Names have been changed from screen monikers to first names for an easier read. You'll see me as Felix.

This was our final viewing. You will understand why.

I log into the chat area and see six separate video "screens". Phil, Jessie, Fiona, Gus, Zach, and an empty chair belonging to Rob.

Phil: Ready to start when you are.

Jessie: and here's felix

Jessie: now we only need rob

Jessie: ROB!!!

Zach: ROB

Fiona: robbieee

Jessie: ROB

(This continues for twelve more lines.)

Fiona: Rob I've got them out on cam!

(Rob slides into view and sits, he is holding a KFC bucket.)


Rob: What?

Rob: Oh, ha. No, I was heating up some chicken.

Zach: Pass some over here.

Rob: Fuck you it's mine.

Rob: At least I got chicken!


Fiona: ?!?

Phil: So, again, I'm ready when you guys are.

Felix: Ready.

Gus: Sorry, ready.

I put Phil on full-screen, with chat overlayed, so I can enjoy the show without watching everyone else watching, too. Phil studies the screen, his eyes dart back and forth, and he clicks the mouse a few times.

Phil: Class Creeps - Season 1, Episode 1 - "Pilot"

Phil: Enjoy!

I sit there for a few moments with Phil still on the screen.

Jessie: Gah, okay, I am so totally not going to type fast enough to catch this. Sunrise over a little house I guess... neighborhood is whitebread shit... suburbs...

Jessie: Kid's playing with his dog, frisbee... does all this matter?

Phil: It's fine.

Zach: keep going just make sure the log reflects what we're talking about

Felix: I still see Phil.

Fiona: go full-screen

Jessie: OHHHH shit, dog runs out in the street after frisbee and gets obliterated by a school bus...

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