The Morning Show

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In the early summer of 1953, during the Cold War, a series of transmissions disguised as an educational astronomy show were sent on American wavelengths. All were about two minutes long, the last few being less than thirty seconds. Tracing them brought no results.

Eventually they discontinued the attempts and sent a covert operation to the area they believed the transmissions to be coming from. While the explorers were there, a dozen more transitions came back to the station. They were deciphered and then archived in a government library.

In 1965, a Hippie protest and riot caused the full eleven of these transmissions to be stolen out of archives. He took them and, telling no one, hid them in a large iron chest with no lock. When he died almost forty years later, these archives, hand written by a signal boy, were found in his attic.

When I consulted the signatures on the bottom, the name 'Jonathon Brown' came up. Attempting to track this man into the air force (or any branch of signal decoding in the time, for that matter) brought no result, as if he never existed.

The envelope the files were in was obviously something my father, meaning that he stole them out of the original packaging. I can’t be sure what date these transmissions were from, but based on the basic historical record I have I can make a basic hypothesis that it was between 20-30th of May, 1953. Each transmission came at exactly 2:00 AM, local time, according to the slip on each page.


Person speaking has a very neutral American accent, almost melodic. Male.

“Good morning, everyone! Well, I can’t really say it’s morning, because over in America, hell, it might just be tomorrow! Fun fact for the day; The reason for the time zones of the world in the earth spinning on its axis. Since our world is so big, one side of it is day and one is night! Things would get real confusing if they hadn’t have made up time zones way back in the 1850’s, that one Italian dude. (This is incorrect, the first person to promote Time Zones was actually Canadian.) But hey, this is an Astronomy show, not History!"

Light chuckling, then a cough. Continues to speak.

"Anyways, those stars are looking beautiful. I’ve been up all night to tell you about it, and here it is. I saw a few stars of Centaurs about 1:00, a few of those on his arm. Real pretty, if you ask me. Not enough people appreciate the beauty of the sky. Shameful, really. So shameful."


It is notable that through the course of the transition, the wind can be heard whipping in the background.


Voice sounds slightly happier than before, as if the person had just heard good news

"Good morning again! Today I just got WONDERFUL news! Finally, I’ll be able to get a much better view of the stars! You know what that means, you all get a better view of the stars! I saw the Virgo Cluster yesterday. It sure does remind me of home. I miss my family. Sometimes I feel like leaving and going back home, but I know what I have to do for science. Science and god are the two greatest things to ever experience in this world. Remember that. Always remember tha…"


The transmission cuts off prematurely before the man pronounces the ‘T’ sound at the end of ‘That’. It is unknown why.


Voice is the same as before. The pitch goes up slightly as the video goes on, as if the person is high.

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