Black Eyed People

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Due to the overwhelming number of requests I have received to tell about my discoveries and bizarre experiences in a cave not far from my home, I have created this web page. I will outline the events that happened to me during the past few months. Beginning with my journey into a familiar cave in December 2000 and ending... well, it hasn't actually ended yet. I will use my caving journal as the text to tell about my recent experience. I will give them to you as I experienced them, in chronological order.

I have included photographs that were taken during my many trips into the cave. I have also created a few illustrations to help the reader get a better idea of what things looked like in the cave. All of the photos were taken by me, or one of the few people I went into the cave with.

I want to point out a few things before I tell about the events:

1- Most of the pictures were taken with a Kodak disposable-type camera. I took a better camera into the cave on one or two of the trips. Pictures on this site are all original photos and have not been messed with or enhanced, other than where noted. As a rule, I get my pictures put onto disc at the time of developing so I don't have to scan them later. This ensures the best digital quality.

2- I will not reveal the names of the other people involved in this experience. If you know me well enough, you probably know them already.

3- I will NOT reveal the location of the cave to ANYONE for ANY REASON! So please don't ask! I refuse to be held accountable for anyone's life but my own. I will refer to the cave as Mystery Cave. That is NOT its real name.

If you think these events sound far-fetched, I agree. I would come to the same conclusion had I not experienced them.

I will try to finish the site as soon as possible. Check the date on the main page to see when I've made updates.

To protect myself from people who might want to copy this site, I include the following: All text on this and following pages are my own words and copyright 2001.


I will divide the text into two colors for the sake of clarity. The plain text is taken directly from my caving journal. The italicized text is my comment as I reflect on the experience. I will do my best to convey the thoughts and feelings I had during the entire event. I will not use the actual names of the other individuals involved. I will include the entire relevant text of my journal. Only small parts of the journal will I skip. This will only occur when the entry has nothing to do with the experience in the cave, such as eating dinner after a trip, getting fuel or snacks, irrelevant details, etc. (My journal is fairly thorough) I will merely summarize what I am cutting out of the actual entry.

In an effort to present this experience in as accurate light as possible I will type my journal as I wrote it: sans grammar check. Please overlook my errors. My additional comments will help to clarify the things I wrote in my journal.

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