Can Ghosts Kill?

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Just recently, I've been able to see ghosts. Well, calling them 'ghosts' is still kind of a stretch. I've been seeing things. Weird, unexplainable things, just in and out of the borders of my vision. Things that I know shouldn't be there would come and go in weird ways and it has only gotten worse since it began. I didn't think too much about it at first, until it became serious enough to think about. It started about three months ago.

At first, lights and appliances turning on and off on their own, sections of rooms becoming oddly cold, objects around my house would pivot on their own, sometimes even falling off of tables and counter tops. Like any reasonably sane person, I would just brush it off or justify it by the wind or something. I had always enjoyed the horror genre; watching scary movies, playing horror survival games, reading creepypasta, so the idea of something supernatural happening came quickly once I had taken notice of the continuous occurrences. I still want to pride myself on being braver than the average man due to all of the exposure to horror, but I know that there is always plenty to fear, no matter what you've seen.

Eventually, I started to see more. Faces in mirrors that shouldn't have been there, shadows in my bedroom at night without a source, footsteps creaking just outside my door. I really hate to let my imagination get the better of me, but there is only so much you can try to explain on your own. It doesn't happen often though. About once a week now something I can only describe as 'weird' will happen. I still can't tell if it scares me or not. I've heard of people who experience the same things that I do, but feel comforted by it all. I guess it would be like having company over all the time, the kind you don't mind having. It's a sweet thought, but I just don't feel like that. The happenings don't particularly scare me either. I really didn't know anything about it that I should be scared of. I mean, the idea that dead people come back completely by surprise and that you really never know what it is that brought them back; what their purpose is, whether it is good or bad, is quite nerve racking.

I wanted to know if there was any reason to be scared. Most of which on the matter I looked up online. Almost everything I found pointed to me having nothing to be afraid of, that some spirits just like to hang around without a purpose. I guess I can relate given that's what I would do at malls and such during my high school years. I was almost completely satisfied, until I realized the question at hand that was never really answered. The one question that I didn't want to ask, but felt like I should: Can ghosts hurt people? I didn't want to look at my screen after clicking 'search', but I sucked it up and found several instances where people have been cut or burned by forces outside their own. I was really relieved to find that these phenomenon had been explained medically into a collection of various rare disorders and diseases, but it all seemed too easy. I mean, certainly you couldn't explain everything and maybe they had been wrong. I've seen special cases where a diagnosis would be given to a patient under minimal clues just to keep the patient at ease or even just because of the doctor's lack of understanding.

My point is... what if something happened to those people that couldn't be explained by medical science and they had all been going to the wrong sources? It was a possibility that I was not ready to rule out. The answers to my inquiries sort of faded into an end there until I typed in an even more terrifying and important question: Can ghosts kill people? I had hoped that I was heading into more improbable territory with asking if ghosts could be capable of murder when I found my answer... I'm writing this as information that we should all be aware of. Most ghosts, for those able to see them, are harmless, even friendly.

There is a small percentage of instances where people have been harmed by the unseen, minor cuts and bruises, at most. Then there is an even smaller percentage inside that group, which answers 'yes' to my question... Spirits, ghosts, whatever you call them, not only can kill, but have killed before. While examining search engine after search engine for such cases, I found a list. It was a list of known spirits to have killed several times each and who have been considered to be the most dangerous ghosts that still haunt this world. I'm going to share with you today all the information that I was able to gather on the deadliest amongst them so that you may avoid becoming one of them.

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