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Double update and warning : shit is getting real.
Yall gonna hate me for this chapter istg .

I sat up straight on the bed as i stretched myself up , smelling the fresh air coming out from the window in my room .

Birds were chirping and the sun was up shining , giving warmth to the world .

I slipped on my bunny slippers and walked to the toilet , half awake with one eye closed , feeling the walls and making my way slowly towards the toilet .

After washing up , i came out fresh and decided to take a walk outside at the nearby park , however when i opened the door , i saw two men in black suits waiting outside across the streets .

Feeling my pockets , i took ahold of my phone and quickly called for Jimin .

He answered with a soft moan " good morning princess , hows your sleep ? I miss you already ."

"Jiminie , there are two guys outside my house , they look like they are going to kidnap me , help!" I exclaimed and at this very moment , one of the guys had seemed to notice my presence outside the door .

He signaled his partner and both of them ran towards me , as it took me 10 seconds to finally figure out what was going on .

They work for my parents and is after me . They are going to bring me away from Jimin .

My phone rang and i quickly pressed the answer button , while running as fast as my legs could have brought me .

I ran in the direction of Jimin's house .

"Jagi whats going on ?!" He asked worriedly .

"They ... are chasing me . Im running to .. your house now . Help me . Jimin!!!" I screamed and dashed across the streets .

Looking back , they were closing up the gap between us and i panicked even more .

No shops were open up early in the morning and i had no where to hide .

I ran even faster , picturing a hungry lion chasing after me . Well it worked at least . 

I looked at the sign board and saw that i was already on the same street where Jimin stayed at and was glad for a moment , however i tripped at this very moment and the two guys caught up to me , one pulling me up .

"Freya!" I heard a familiar voice and saw a running Jimin . Hes very good at sports and runs very quickly, when he saw me , he sped up even faster , running at the fastest speed he had ever did in his entire life .

Our fingertips touched one another's and i managed to give his hand a squeeze but it didnt last for long.

The buff guy pushed me towards a black car and i was already sitting in the backseat , face squished near the window , screaming and crying madly at the same time .

Jimin cried and knocked on the car door multiple times but it wouldnt budge at all . I stepped on the two men's foot but they didnt show any form of reaction , instead , starting up the car engine .

I knocked on the car window helplessly , watching Jimin cry was the most painful thing for me as he was mouthing out my name continuously , screaming so loudly that even from the inside i could hear .

My heart pounded and i screamed for him , screaming and fighting for my own freedom , attempting to open the door but it was controlled by the front where the men were sitting at .

The car started moving and before i knew it , Jimin was out of sight .

"Jimin , please dont cry ." I muttered under my breath , before shutting my eyes and saying a silent prayer .


"Miss , wake up." I felt someone shaking my body and i opened up my eyes , realising that i was still in the car , just that it had stopped infront of a hotel in Seoul .

"Sir and Madam is expecting you now , please cooperate with us ." He said and pulled me out of the black car .

My tears had all dried up but my heart was breaking , thinking about how Jimin must have felt seeing me leave like this .

I obeyed and walked in the hotel without putting up a fight .

We went up to the highest level and entered the penthouse .

"My darling Freya ! This is the day i had longed for !" My mother pulled me in a big hug , tightening it and planting kisses all over my face .

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