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Freya's POV

"Okay , they have notified ." Jimin tapped on my shoulders and told me .

I flashed out a smile , " lets get out of here now ."

"No wait , not so fast ." He grabbed onto my wrist , preventing me from running first .

"They told me that there were guards stationed around the whole area . We have to go by the carpark ."

I nodded and crept carefully behind Jimin once we went down to the first floor at the door of the staircase .

"On the count of 3 , we run . Dont lose track of each other and hold my hand tightly ." Jimin instructed and i nodded , agreeing to this plan .

"One ."



"Run!" Both of us bolted towards our right where the carpark exit was at . However halfway through , due to the crowd that was formed at the lobby , we had to break halfway , letting go of each other's hand .

I pulled down my sweater and put down my hair , covering the sides of my face while running as fast as my legs could carry me .

At the corner of my eyes , i swore that i saw some men in suit chasing at the back already , though they slowly lost themselves amongst the crowd as well .

Suddenly , i felt my feets off the floor as i felt the urge to scream . However , before i could open my mouth , it got covered by a palm .

I look up and saw an unfamiliar face . He had brown hair and big eyes , with a very muscular built . He quickly ran towards the exit and met up with other 5 boys who were stationed outside of a van .

"Jungkook , this way!" They shouted and a orange haired boy threw his hands up , hurrying us . "Theres Jimin ! Jimin!" The tallest amongst them screamed and hollered .

The boy that was carrying me let me down as i adjusted my clothes .

"Get in first ." He kindly gave me a gentle push towards the door and i hopped in , sitting all the way in the corner .

I watch as the other boys helped themselves and went in , with 2 of them sitting in the front , driving the van .

"Guys! And Freya!" Jimin panted hard , throwing himself into the van and crashing onto his friends here , before closing the door .

"That was close . Freya , you arent hurt at all , are you?" He looked at me with a concerned face .

I nodded and hugged him , " im fine thanks to you . And offcourse , all of you guys ."

Looking around the van , i gave a slight bow to everyone as they waved and introduced themselves."

"Im Jungkook , the youngest here ." The boy who carried me earlier on introduced .

"He's the muscle pig though , amongst us . Heh , im Taehyung!We have met each other before , havent we ?" He let out a rectangular smile and revealed his full set of pearly whites .

"Im Jhope , im your hope when anything goes wrong or when you feel alone!oh and offcourse that isnt my real name, its Hoseok ." He was very enthusiastic as he reached out for my hand and shook it immediately, catching me off guard .

"Im Yoongi . But call me Suga instead . Because , swag ." This guy introduction was short but sweet and i cant help but to admire his pale skin.

"Thats Namjoon and Jin. They are the parents here . " Jungkook pointed towards the two in the front , giggling .

"Since when were we your parents ? Aish , this kid ." The blonde one , who i assumed to be Jin fought back .

"You guys looks like a fun bunch . " i smiled and relaxed alittle , knowing that i would be safe with them .


The van stopped infront of a dormitory and i cant help but question , " all of you live together ? All seven of you ?"

"Aniya . We all have our own homes but sometimes we like to spend our time here fooling around and making music which is what we enjoy doing ."

"Lets show her around guys . Come on in !" Jhope pulled me and flashed his widest smile , making me feel like home .

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