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Warning : cute chapter ahead 😉

"Will you please stay here with me for the night ?" I wanted to speak confidently, but it came out as a soft whisper instead .

"Sure i guess ... if its okay with you ." Jimin replied and pour me a glass of water , handling the mug towards me .

Both of us sat infront of the window , watching the raindrop pelt against the glass .

"Hey do you trust me ?" Jimin asked , i looked at him weirdly , but he stared back .

"Ive got an idea on how to cheer you up ." He grinned and took ahold of my hand , placing the mug back on the nearby coffee table , before dragging me back to the sofa .

"I'll be back real fast ." He continued on and went into my kitchen , fumbling over things . Soon , he came out wearing back his wet tee shirt , " change into a dark coloured shirt . Im not telling you the plan until you come out changed ."

I groaned but agreed along with his silly idea , anticipating . I slipped into my comfy grey pullover and wore black skinny jeans , making my way back into the living room where Jimin was just standing awkwardly , not wanting to wet any furnitures .

"Do you have rain boots for us two ?"

"yea . I have two of them ." I pointed on the shoe rack and Jimin went over to put one of those on , smiling that it fits his shoe size .

"You wear that too ." He instructed and i sat on the floor , pulling the shoes up from my feet .


"Take my hand ." He flashed a warm smile and led me towards the main door where i pressed onto the numerical pad lock , unlocking the door . Grabbing onto the same blue umbrella , i opened it up for the two of us as we made our way towards the backyard .

"Look there ." Jimin pointed towards my left and i looked over curiously , however , a second later ,the umbrella was not on my hand anymore , it was on the ground , laying flat on one side .

I let out a small scream , feeling the raindrops falling on me , getting drenched more by the minute .

"Lets go rain puddle jumping ." Jimin winks and started hopping on a small puddle that had water accumulated on .

"Your crazy , Jimin." I giggled but followed him , jumping on another puddle that was nearby .

"This feels so nice !" I giggled and spread out my arms , feeling all the raindrop on me , relaxed underneath the cloudy sky .

"Does this make you feel better ?" Jimin asked , checking . I nodded enthusiastically, " i havent tried this before , its really fun ."

"Will you dance with me , Freya ?"

I smiled sheepishly as i attacked his chest , realising that it was kinda rock hard . I blushed alittle and Jimin seemed to notice it.

"Yanno , i work out ."

"But , back to topic . Im serious . Will you take this dance with me ? Under the rain ?" Jimin bowed and took ahold of my hand , planting a kiss on it , " you are tasting the rain ." I laughed , but he shook his head , " im kissing hand of the girl i like the most . At least im making progress ."

My face got even redder as my stomach was filled with butterflies , before i could even say anything , Jimin swoped me by his arm and held me in his embrace .

"Look at me Freya ."

Our feets danced in synchronisation but i couldnt help but to look beyond him , shy to meet his eyes .

"I like you ."

Ba doom ba doom .
There goes my heart .

He leans in and pressed his lips against mine , bringing me to another world . It was a short but sweet and gentle kiss .

As our lips pull apart, a gentle breeze flutters over the warm tingly feeling over my once-virgin lips . The rest of the world is slowly coming back into focus , as i realised that we were still under the rain the whole time .

"So what do you say?" Jimin held his breath , anxious and nervous at the same time .

I tiptoed and planted a soft kiss on his lips , " catch me and i'll be yours ." I teased and ran back into the house , immediately rolling on the floor, not caring about the mess i would have made .

I slapped my face twice , i cant believe i just kissed him .

"Caught you !" Jimin pulled me up and backhugged me,clinging onto me like a koala bear , " you're mine now , Freya." He whispers

"Yes oppa. Lets date ."

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