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Freya's POV

The boys and I got along pretty well as we have even decided to go on a trip to the lotte world together to bond even more .

I looked at myself in the mirror and was pleased with how this cream coloured jacket suited my skin colour . My hair fell neatly in two locks down at the sides of my face as i flashed a smile infront of the mirror , lowkey checking myself out before leaving the room where the others were waiting .

"Im so sorry guys , you guys even have to make your way to my house and wait for me ." I apologized before dragging Jimin by his arm , jumping around and leaving the house locked with the other boys infront of us .

"Lets go to the lotte world and play . Forget all the bad memories and create new ones ." Jimin smiled at me and i melted .

"Lets make new memories as a whole group here together . Your girlfriend is our friend as well ." Taehyung winked but Jimin smacked him .

"Dont you come too close to her . She's mine . " Jimin said in annoyance which made everyone laugh .

"you are too cute , umbrella boy." I unknowingly called him by the nickname I've gave him when i first met him .

"Umbrella boy ? Seriously guys ? What kind of nickname is that ?" Jungkook chuckled and Hoseok joined him .

"Then i must be your sunshine boy , arent i ?" He laughed even louder .

My face got red as i hid in Jimin's chest . " dont tease her anymore guys . Lets go ride rollercoasters now ."

We walked hand in hand and queued for a rollercoaster in a line . All of us wore different expressions and Hoseok was the funniest .

He was literally shaking but trying so hard to not show it , resulting in a very stiff smile each time we turn around , wanting to talk to him .

On the other hand , Suga was the completely opposite . He threw on his black shades and looked pretty much unimpressed with the height and the length of the queue .
He made the least movement , like a rock . Well , ive heard Jimin telling about his dream of being a rock in his next life .

Jungkook and Taehyung were the unstoppable ones . They have been bickering over small matters and now they wouldnt stop talking about who they should sit beside .

"Yah you two stop it ." Jin warned and Namjoon joined in , agreeing . "You two can sit beside each other . Thats final ." He continued and the youngest two just nod , silent for a moment .

In the end , our seating arrangement was like this :

Jungkook | Taehyung 
Jimin | me
Yoongi | Hoseok
Jin | Namjoon

Once we were strapped in , the rollercoaster started moving and Jhope was already screaming like a little girl and Suga was looking at him annoyed , especially the fact that his shades got taken away for safety reasons .

"Weeeeeeee!" The front two screamed and threw their hands up as the rollercoaster started moving faster , with no hint of stopping at all .

Finally we were at the top and there was a big drop . I held Jimin's hands tightly as i screamed " I love you" as the big drop was approaching .

He screamed as well .

Once the big drop was over , Jimin planted a kiss on my forehead , giggling , " i love you so much Freya ."

"I know ." I smiled and blushed , not realising that the roller coaster ride was over and people were watching us .

Jin hurried us and helped me off the seat.

" what do you kids wanna do next ?" He asked and Jungkook pointed towards a viking ship .

Everyone cheered as we ran towards the queue and waited for our turn .

"Bye Freya!" The other boys waved and screamed as Jimin and I watch them enter the dorm .

"Im really fine with going home myself , dont worry so much Jimin ah ." I assured him and his expression softened .

"But i just wanna see you and hold you more . Come on , im a good boyfriend and i will bring to your doorstep , ensuring your safety alright ?" He reasoned out and kissed me again .

I blushed no matter how many times he had done this to me . Its a new fluttery feeling each time he does it .

We walked down the streets hand in hand as Jimin decided to sing me a song or two that his hyungs had produced .

Once we reached my doorstep , i looked at him sadly , knowing that i had to wait for another few hours before i could see my boyfriend again .

"Go on. I'll stay here until i watch you close that door ." Jimin smiles and lets go of my hand .

I walked hesitantly towards my own door and unlocked it with the key . However before i enter in , i turned around and dashed towards Jimin , hugging him tightly .

"Aww is my baby going to miss me so much ?" He lightly chuckles and touches my hair .

"Muak." I kissed his lips and ran away as fast as possible , smiling sheepishly .

"Bye Jimin!" I screamed and closed the door , watching his figure leave the neighbourhood through the window .


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