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January , the first , 2016 .

Pitter patter .

That was the first drop of rain this year .

I watch as couples hid underneath colourful umbrellas , feets moving together in perfect synchronisation ,closing the gap between each other .

"They all look so happy ." I sighed as i walked right out of the cafe , feeling the cold rain falling against my skin .

I stood in the middle of the road , looking aimlessly around , figuring how i would get home in this rate . I was like a ragged doll , an outcast amongst all the properly-dressed dolls . People found me , and they left me in whatever state i was originally ; lost , broken , lonely .

People giggle and laugh , they have perfect families with loving parents , they have warmth .

But it doesnt seem to exist , with me .

Maybe , i was born a ice princess , living in her own castle , locked away from the others , doomed to live a miserable life .

Looking down to my feet , i realised how much water my shoes has soaked up , with each step i take , squishing sounds could be heard . My socks were entirely wet , uncomfortable , but i dont complain .

"Maybe because you have no one to complain to ." The voices at the back of my head said . 

Suddenly , i stopped feeling the raindrops hitting against my exposed skin , instead , i felt warm breaths behind me .Turning around , my long locks slapped the figure who was holding onto a blue umbrella .

It was a boy , who looked around my age . He wore a hoodie and has one hand in his pocket , taking my hand , he hands the umbrella to me and made me grab the handle tightly .

Quickly , he threw his hoodie on , " i dont want you to feel cold." He says before walking off .

"Excuse me !" I shouted , feeling shocked and curious at the same time . Why would a random boy just give me his umbrella when he clearly needs it too ?

When i finally reached home , i carefully placed the umbrella beside the shoe racks .

I sneezed once ,

Twice .

But i still refused to change , although my closet was just right beside me . I wanted to feel cold , it feels strangely comforting , as compared to the cold world that i was facing constantly throughout the 18 years of my life .

It felt reassuring , as if i wasnt alone and had another person accompanying me through the hardships . It makes me feel better when i knew that i could be colder , at least physically .

How deceiving .

Third January , 2016 .

It was another year of school . I see kids giggling away , hugging their best friends , entering school with big smiles plastered on their face , ever so excited .

It made me feel small , like i dont belong with them , im just me , an outcast , forever lonely .

A weirdo .

At the corner of my eyes , i spotted a familiar looking boy .

As he turned around , I recognised him .

It was the umbrella boy .

At this moment , he made eye contact with me and nodded , as if knowing that i was in the middle of figuring out who he was . That must have meant that i have been noticed by someone , even better , a boy .

Maybe the timing of the rain was just right .

It made me meet that one boy , who i believe could be the hope in humanity, the one who would bring someone out of their misery and lend a helping hand .

He made me believe this on the first day of school .

Im impressed by him . Taking out my sketch book from my bag , i sat down , leaning against a tree as i pictured the image of him standing behind me , handing me the umbrella .

After sketching , i kept the sketchbook back into my bag and went into the school , in search of the classroom .

As soon as i stepped into the hallway , i lost my balance and landed infront of the janitor's closet , books scattered everywhere on the floor .

Groaning , i picked myself up and started retrieving the books back .

"Ah im sorry , here let me help you ." My hand came in contact with another . Our eyes met , and it was him once again.

I quickly withdrew my hands back and let him pick it up for me . Placing the book on my palm , he bowed down and apologised before i could say another word .

I was getting curious about him .

Who is he and what is his name ?


My hands are itching i have to write but im so lazy to update my other fanfics :/ instead im writing a new one

Im so bad and have no professionalism in my works :'(

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