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10 January ,2016 .

"Bzzz bzzz" my phone vibrated , but i ignored it .

It must be Jimin calling .
He has been calling me for 2 days already .

I groaned , knowing that i had to get up , i slide my finger across the screen reluctantly , answering the phone .

"Oh my god you finally answered your phone ! YAH! Freya are you okay !?" He screamed through the phone .

"I dont know ..." i replied , head hanging low . Ive been thinking about that letter for so long , but i still didnt know what to do about it .

"Im coming over to your house ." He ended the call right after that , rushing out of his house.


I sat down and my head was leaning against the window , while my arms were hugging my legs. I looked out of the window and saw that not even a single soul was out there . It was completely silent .

It began as a whispering in the air. The day had been beautiful and the sky was like a dome of plasma-blue. The clouds had looked like airy anvils drifting under the gleaming disc of sun.(A/N Taken from google )

I heard a tapping sound from the window , slowly followed by a steady rhythm of pitter patter.



I watch as the raindrop slowly fall due to the gravity , hitting against the ground as rainwater collated on the uneven sidewalk.

At the corner of my eye , i spotted a running figure , hmm , thats weird . I didnt see anyone earlier on though .

As the running figure got nearer and nearer , i realised that it was Park Jimin .

Damn it .

I quickly stood up from my spot and made a dash towards the door , grabbing onto the same umbrella he had lent me when we first met . The blue umbrella resemble his newly- dyed purple-ish hair , like a mushroom that covered his pretty forehead .

I stood at the gate of my apartment and shouted out his name , seeing me , he made a quick dash and ran underneath the umbrella.

" Hey isnt this my umbrella?" Jimin panted .I pulled him into my apartment and shutted the door , before answering with a soft mutter.

Walking towards the cuboard in my room , i pulled out a pink towel and dumped it on Jimin's head , " its clean." i commented.

Jimin thanked me and started wiping his exposed skin and face with the towel , drying himself .

"So my little princess , why didnt you answer my phone call ?" Jimin asked while taking a seat on the floor .

He's so considerate and doesnt want your sofa to be wet. i thought to myself and couldnt help but to smile.

" You're smiling right now . Its creeping me out."

I slapped my face twice softly and composed myself. " I'll only tell you but pinky promise me you wouldn't tell anyone else ."

"Pinky promise ". Jimin offered his pinky out and i interlocked mine with his .

" I've received a mail from my biological parents saying that they have found me and they are coming for me . Jimin , i might be leaving Seoul." Once i finished the sentence, the thought of me not seeing Jimin made me even sadder , i cried .

Jimin pulled me into his arms and hugged me tightly , stroking my hair , "dont cry , we will figure this out together ." He whispered into my ears , comforting me .

"What should i do ? I dont know how to face them at all ." I bawled .

"I will be here for you , i wouldnt let them take you away , i promise . You have my number , dont you ? Hush now , dont cry ... Oppa's here ." His voice softens and he slowly pulled back his arms from my back , his fingers went up to my face and wiped the tears off .

He leans in and planted a soft kiss on my forehead , " it must have been very hard for you . Seeing you cry breaks my heart ."

"Yea , even the sky is crying for me right now ."


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