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The familiar school bell rang and students were buzzing around like bees , running towards their next classrooms , saying goodbyes to their friends .

I seemed to be the only one who was in a state of calmness and relief , knowing that its okay to be quiet and able to work alone during lesson time .

Upon stepping into my new math classroom , i was greeted with a bunch of girls who were crowding around a boy , obviously , giggling and complimenting him .

I checked the seating plan that was allocated for me found on the notice board infront of the classroom . However , before i could even find my name , i felt another hand grabbing mine , dragging me across the classroom .

My mouth formed a shape into a "o" , realising it was the school "hot stuff" , as the girls would refer him to. Wasnt he sitting down earlier on ?

"Excuse me , make way for the new meat !" He exclaims and pushes through the girls and created a space for me to walk through . He takes a hold of my bag and places it on the sidehook of my allocated desk .

Pushing me down , i sat on the seat beside his as he greets me with a warm smile on his face .

"My name is Park Jimin , im your desk mate ." He introduces and i felt a blush creeping up my face . This feeling was so different , i have never felt like this before . Was this what people call , love at first sight ?

"Ok ." Was all that came out from my mouth . I mentally facepalmed and cursed at how stupid i must have sounded .

The girls who were crowding around him had dispersed , going back to their own seats after seeing how he had me sit beside him right away .

"Hey , your name is Freya , right ?" He smiles again , offering to shake hands .

I nodded , but kept quiet , shaking his hand .

"Im assuming your always quiet right ? Well please be comfortable with me and talk , it can get awkward sometimes ." He ruffled his own hair and let out a chuckle .

"See you awkward pie , why are you always so quiet ? Your scaring people away ." The voices said .

"Im sorry ." I apologized and took my bag from the hook , putting it on my lap as i pretended to search for books required for the lessons .

I shut my eyes for a second , praying that he wont talk to me anymore .

The teacher came right after our small conversation and started teaching the first chapter , algebra . Im glad that i understood , but what was disturbing was the fact that two boys who were sitting behind me were making sick jokes about the subject .

Stuff like

"What is the similarity between algebra and my dick?" One says

"They are both hard ." The other replies , giggling through .

As if Jimin realised that i felt uncomfortable, he turned around and shoved a $10 note into each of their uniform pockets , before turning around .

They both then stopped , but my mind didnt , was Jimin from a rich family ? Was he those handsome , playboy , arrogant kind of guy or was he just blessed with these good features and has a kind heart ? Should i keep my distance from him ?


"Hey erm ,Freya . I was wondering , if i could get your number ?" Jimin smiled sheepishly at me , i felt butterflies in my stomach , how could he be so handsome ?

"Sure." My reply was short , simple and clear . He passes his phone onto my palm and i typed in my number , returning it back to him as soon as im done .

Before i left the classroom , he leaned in towards my left ear and whispered , " your cute."

And that was the moment when my instincts kicked in as i ran all the way to the nearest girls's washroom. I stood infront of the mirror and saw how red my face had gotten , and it was the first time im seeing it for myself , i have never been so mentally attacked by a boy before . I didnt know how to react . I was a first - timer , perhaps a first timer in falling in love with a guy who i barely knew .

My phone vibrated in my pocket for the very first time , as i saw an unknown message in my message inbox .

"Hey its Jimin here ,
You didnt type in the wrong number for me didnt you ?
Cutie ."

I fanned my face , he called me cute .

I quickly replied ,

"Yea , its Freya."

Immediately , i saved his number , seeing he was the only contact i had in my phone . "Ill call you the umbrella boy." I smiled to my phone , like an idiot .

Umbrella boy .
I like it .

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