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"What does this word mean ?" I asked Jimin , pointing out this word that i have never seen before .

He peers over my book and looked at the word , " ah , this ...."

"Infatuation." He says .

I looked at him weirdly , showing that i still didnt get it .

"Pabo ya i mean , i know how to read that , but i dont understand the meaning ." I smiled sheepishly .

Jimin sighed , " it means an intense but short-lived admiration for someone . "

"Explain more detailedly , please ?"

"Okay , lets just put this word into a sentence . For example , i have developed an infactuation towards you , Freya ." He pauses and took my hand .

Ba doom . Ba doom.

I looked away ,trying to calm myself .

"Look at me and listen ."

"I dont have to look at you to listen , thats what my ears are for ." I spoke so quickly , flustered . Words blabbered out from my mouth like a bullet train .

"Oh . Okay." Jimin sounded hurt , i softened my gaze and patted his shoulder , " hey i dont mean it that way."

"Im fine , dont worry ." He let out a small smile , " lets just finish the homework ."

After that , it was completely silent .

No one spoke a word .


My eyelids felt heavy as i found it a struggle to keep my eyes open , no information were going inside my brain , it was blank and empty .

I stared at the assignment blankly , not understanding a single word .

My eyes finally closed shut , head lying on top of the assignment book , letting darkness engulf me .

Jimin's POV

I looked at the girl beside me , realising that she was fast asleep , lying on top of her own homework .

I chuckled softly , laughing at how she was sleeping . Her mouth was open slightly and her cheeks were all puffed out .

"Tsk your such an ugly sleeper ." I joked but slowly removed the assignment book which was stuck underneath her head .

I held onto her upper torso as i managed to slide the chair with wheels across the room , bring her nearer to the bed .

Carefully , i pulled away the quilt cover and moved her onto the bed , carrying her bridal style silently , not wanting her to wake up .

After laying her nicely on the bed , i covered her body with the quilt blanket and tugged her in .

Walking out of the room , i called for mom .

"Mom , Freya's sleeping inside my room for tonight . Where do i sleep ?" I asked her .

"I can help you get a mattress , you can sleep below her to watch her alright ? But no funny business ."

"Im a cool mom , arent i ?" She winks and i nod , "yea ."


I walked back into my room , packing her books and materials back into her school bag , leaving it on the same chair .

Her phone was on the table ,curious , i took ahold of it and unlocked it .

Tsk , there was no password .

I opened her contacts and only saw one , which was my number . Does she not have parents ?

I then opened her gallery , my eyes grew big realising that she probably loved photography and drawing , seeing the amount of amazing shots of various places . All the way up , i spotted a family potrait of 3 .

A couple holding onto a baby .

Is that her ?

Knowing that im not supposed to be snooping around her phone , i quickly pressed onto the home button and left her phone at its original spot .

Am i invading her personal space ?

Freya's POV

My eyelids fluttered open as i scanned the unfamiliar surrounding of the room , looking down , seeing that i was still in my own school uniform , on someone elses bed .

It took me a second to realise that i was not home , but at Jimin's house .

I stood up from my bed but felt my legs kicking onto something soft .

The figure stirred alittle and moved , sitting straight up on the mattress .

"Oh hey Freya." He greeted and i screamed .

However , he quickly placed his palm over my mouth , shutting me up . " shh its still in the morning , dont wake people up ." He says.

I stopped screaming and Jimin slowly let go of his palm , " you fell asleep doing homework ." He explains and i nod .

"What day is it today ?" I asked .

"We agreed to study on a Friday , so what do you think ?"

"Its a saturday." I answered him .

He petted my head and stroked my hair , " smart girl arent you ?"

Ba doom ba doom .

My heart .

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