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"Oh ... erm ill give you an answer now . Im free on friday , pick me up at 1pm ? Ill text you my house location." I said and smiled .

"Great . See you tomorrow at school then ! Im sorry for scaring you !" Jimin waves and walks off , and so did i .

In different directions.

5th January , 2016 .

I made sure to check if my tie was right in the center of my uniform , to make me look smart .

Our school has this thing that students have to wear tie on a specific day of the week , and we have to wear it on every Wednesday . Tightening the ends , i pushed down the two flaps by the side and adjusted it for the last time , before walking away from the mirror.

I tiptoed and reached out for a packet of cereal and hopped to my refrigerator, grabbing onto a bottle of milk , pouring it carefully into my bowl , mixing it with cereal .


Once i tapped off from the bus , i saw a familiar figure , Jimin .

A side of me told me to ignore him , but my heart says otherwise . In the end , i looked down and turnt the volume up for my earpiece , hoping that he doesnt see me .

"You didnt do anything wrong , why are you acting like a fugitive?" I thought .

"Heyyyyyyyyyyy." My earpiece got pulled off from my ear , dangling down from my shoulder , " didnt see you there earlier on ." Jimin chuckled .

"Same ." I spoke and plugged my earpiece back in place .

But soon after , it got pulled out again , " dont you want to talk to me ?" Jimin frowns alittle and i got worried about upsetting him , i quickly shoved the ends of the earpiece into my bag and showed him a small smile and placed my hand on his shoulders .

"No." i said , reassuring him .

"Lets go to math class together ." I suggested , making the first move . Soon after , he agreed and we walked together into the school , down the hallways .

Girls were gossiping , pointing their fingers at both of us together , some looking shocked and surprised , noticing that the quiet and reserved girl , could ever get a chance up close with Park Jimin , the school flower boy , the school hottie .

They stared in awe , some threw nasty remarks , annoyed that i managed to be his friend , walking alongside with him casually unlike them , who could only look at him . Having to know his name , while he doesnt know them back .

Jimin realised how uncomfortable ive become , hence , he took his headphone that he had around his neck , and placed it on my head , blasting a soft ballad song with overpowering vocals and great instrumentals in the background , blocking the remarks from students out .

Soon after , we made it into math class , which was a less chaotic environment . After putting down my bag , i got ahold of Jimin's headphone and took it off , handing it back to him .

"You keep that , its my first gift for you . "

"It looks very expensive , are you sure about this ?" I asked him , noticing that he wasnt even thinking about it twice .

"Yea , if you are feeling bad at any point in time , you can treat me a meal . Ill be down for that ."

"Is that you trying to get a date with me ?" I wiggled my eyebrows , a bold statement .

"What is that change of tone that you are speaking ? I like that . Ditch the quiet status of yours and be your real self , smile and laugh more , enjoy everyday like its the last . "

My face heated up and i shut my mouth up immediately .

"Hey you have gotten red in the face . Is that possibly the Jimin effect on you ?" He smirks , nudging me .

That statement made me redder , embarrassed .

" its like my heart doesnt stop beating so fast , i cant explain it logically , but i think i like you ." I spoke in a almost whisper tone , not even audible for anyone to hear as the sentence ended .

"What did you say ? Your heart doesnt stop beating so fast ?" Jimin's eyes lit up and i looked down , not wanting to look at him , knowing that i will only blabber more words out .

"Lets be friends . Best friends ." Jimin smiles at me, extending his hand .

"Yea . Best friends ." I agreed and accepted his hand .

Oww my heart stop beating so fast .

Please .

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