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The two figure outside was still knocking on the door , calling my name consecutively .

I refuse to call them my parents . Afterall , they were the one who had abandoned me at first and i was all alone . Nothing could compare to the pain and cold i have felt without them .

I would get jealous when i see kids with their parents , holding hand in hand , parents giving a loving peck on the cheeks and call their child cute . Amongst all these children , why am i the chosen one to be abandoned ? Why am i the only one suffering this fate ?

"Do you wanna open the door and have a talk ? Maybe they will understand . Maybe they wont want to take you away ." Jimin said , observing me staying silent the whole thing , mind filled with thoughts .

"And what if they dont ?"

"I'll fight for your freedom ." He replies and walked off , leaving me on the sofa .

Jimin's POV

I walked hesitantly towards the door . I might have sounded confident but i felt like chickening out the last minute  . Afterall despite the fact that they had left Freya alone , but they were still her parents ... and parents had their rights to provide a home for their child .

I straightened out my shirt and sweeped my hair back once , breathing deeply , i opened the door and saw the couple still outside .

They looked at me shocked , as if they didnt expect me to open the door .

"Can i please talk to my daughter?" Her mother begged , while the father hit her arm softly , " dont sound so weak . We are her parents and we have the rights to see her ."

"Im sorry but Freya is not feeling well currently , would you mind coming another day ?"

"We came here to deliver a news to her . We didnt even expect to see that she had already started dating in her teen years . "The father said .

"What sort of news?" I asked curiously .

"We want her to move in with us ."

"Im sure that wouldnt be a problem , i can help convince her for you if you wouldnt take her away from me ."i spoke .

"Oh look at this boy , we dont have a apartment here , whatever your name is ."

"We live in Australia . And shes coming with us ."

I felt as if my heart had just dropped , " you cant do this to her . She has her rights to stay wherever she wants to . You dont call the shots ."

"Im her dad , i can tell my daughter to do whatever i want her to . I dont like you ,purple head , you are so rude . Why is our daughter even dating him ? We should have paired her up with Eric , right dear ?" The father nudged his wife but his wife looked at him uncomfortably .

"But you do know that not every arranged marriage would  have ended well right ? Her happiness is the important factor here." His wife defended and i thanked her in silence .

"Well we ended well didnt we ? "

"Not everyone is like us " they fought and i was so done with them .

I closed the door as quietly as possible and saw Freya standing behind me .

I jumped and knocked onto the nearby table .

"Omo Jiminie are you alright ?" She looked at me shocked and worriedly , she blew onto the spot that got hit and massaged it gently .

"So you heard everything ?" I asked and she nodded sadly , "i dont want an arranged marriage , to that Eric guy ."

"Nado . "

Third person POV

That night , Jimin bid goodbye to Freya as they parted with a kiss and a whisper of good night .

Jimin had to go home as his mom called for him , though he had felt sad for leaving Freya at this moment , but he knew that she needed her own space as well .

Once he had reached home , he went into the shower room for a hot shower as he tried to relax his tensed body up , scrubbing the scented soup on his own body .

He came out with wet hair and a towel wrapped around his hips as he made his way out towards his own bedroom , wanting to dress himself up .

Thinking about Freya , he decided to give her a tease , he positioned his phone infront of his face as he gave the sexiest smirk he could ever give , purposely showing his upper torso with abs , captioning " princess, good night " with loads of hearts and kissing emoji .

The girl received the message and blushed , throwing her phone on the other side of the bed before tumbling around , squealing about how hot he had looked , momentarily forgotten about what had happened today .

She rolled over towards her phone again and studied the picture , blushing even more .

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