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8th January , 2016.

Friday .


"So what are we going to do at your house ?" I asked Jimin as we were walking side by side , going to the canteen for our recess .

"What do you want to do there , my house is quite boring , though ."

"You said that we were going to study , the other day when you scared me ,remember?"

"Oh yea , sorry about that day . But do you really think that we are able to study ? " he laughs and i laughed too .

Over the few days after knowing Park Jimin , my attitude and behavior has changed quite drastically . I was no longer shy , as i begin to raise my hand in class to answer or ask questions, i make jokes , i make friends and i could talk to Jimin properly without making a fool out of myself , unlike day 1 .

We have became closer , having the habit of facetiming each other every day at night .

Once the school bell rang , it meant that we were dismissed . I started losing focus on the teacher , as my eyes were only glued to the clock 's hands , moving slowly yet steadily .

I have been looking forward to meeting Jimin's parents and enjoying the time and creating new memories together .

"Class is dismissed ." The teacher finally announced as i arched my back and stretched .

"Race you to the school gate !" Jimin tapped on my shoulder and started packing his bag real quick , running out of the classroom .

I quickly got up and shoved my materials back into my backpack , and ran down the hallways , hoping to outrun Jimin , which was probably impossible.

"Owwww!" I groaned as i fell on the floor . I rubbed my head and picked up my bag , opening my eyes .

"Oh , its you again ? Freya , isnt it ." Taehyung greeted me .

"Yea , hey Taehyung . Nice to see you but i gotta run first , byeeeeeeeeeee!" I screamed and continued running towards the school gate , only to realise that Jimin was actually strolling behind me .

"Hey!" I slapped his back hardly and he laughed , " glad to know that you wear safety shorts , at least no one would see your unicorn panties ."

"What unicorn panties ? I dont wear those ." I crossed my arms and grew red .

" i saw how you fell and hit Taehyung ."

"And so ."

"That was funny ." He continues teasing me.

"But ..."

"I dont like how you always knock and bump into him." He continues his sentence .

Well that was alittle weird and i just gave him a weak smile before pushing him infront of me ,so that he could lead the way .


"Eomma , im home!" He shouts and his voice echoed around the whole house .

"Ah Jiminie , give me a moment , let me take off my apron ."

"Annyeonghasaeyo Jimin's eomma ." I greeted and bowed , slipping my shoes off .

"Ah hi , your Freya right ? The girl that Jimin has been talking about the whole time ." she laughs and hits Jimin's chest , "ah such a fine looking girl , come on in , dont just stand there."

"You can go up to Jimin's room , ill bring you two some desert , alright?" His mother smiled warmly and i nodded , trailing behind Jimin .


I looked around Jimin's room and saw that he had a specific theme , white , brown and black . These colours blended really well and every book was placed in order , clothes folded properly and bed all tidied up .

"Woah , you have such a nice room." I commented while touring around the small yet cozy area .

Jimin placed down his school bag and lied down on his bed , " do you wanna start on homework first , or ....  should we watch train to busan ?"

"How about train to busan ?"

"Sure . Come here ." Jimin said and pulled me towards him , landing me on top of him , on the bed .

At this very moment , the door opened , revealing Jimin's mom.

"Omo . Im so sorry for disturbing you two ! My son is finally growing up as a young man !" She exclaimed excitedly and shut the door as soon as she finished her sentence.

My heart skipped a beat as i realised i was still on top of him . We stayed in that position for awhile , both of us speechless .

I took this time to study his face , seeing his features detailedly , my eyes scanned down and saw how kissable his lips had looked .

I gulped .

Immediately , i pulled myself off , coughing twice .

"I think we should just do homework , dont you think so too ?" I continued , turning my back against him .

"Yea , i agree too . Lets just do homework for now ." Jimin answers and opened his school bag , pulling out his english assignment books .

"Lets start with English , shall we ?"

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