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Freya's POV

Their dorm was not as dirty or messy as i thought it would have been . I mean , 7 boys lives together in this very house and yet it was quite organized which was surprising.

"This is our work space ." Namjoon pointed at a corner where the piano , computer and other digital devices were at .

"Cool." I commented before proceeding on and following Namjoon who was kind enough to give a house tour .

"Thats the toilet , and i think you shouldnt go in . They rarely do their laundry ." He chuckles and i made sure to have taken a note about it in my mind .

"Heres our rooms , we have 3 rooms splitted for the 7 of us . However sometimes we like to lay our mattress together and have a mini sleepover in the living room ."

I took a peek at each room and noticed how Jin and Suga's room was the cleanest while Jimin's was in complete mess which got me laughing .

"Thats the kitchen where Jin has everything in control ." He continued and Jin waved to us despite cleaning the dishes .

"I guess thats about it . I mean this place is nothing special ." He shrugged and led me back to the living room where i saw Jungkook painting on a canvas .

My eyes lit up as i went beside him , observing his drawing style . He turned around and noticed my presence, getting shyer by the minute .

"You like drawing too ?" I asked and he nodded , smiling sheepishly before showing me his previous art works .

The others crowd around us and complimented their maknae right here .

Jungkook stood up and made me take his seat , " draw us something."

I took ahold of a pencil and flipped to a fresh page of a drawing block that he had laying around the area .

I placed down the pencil after awhile , mind as blank as the drawing block paper .

"Do you guys mind if i take a photo with you guys ?" I requested and Jimin backhugged me .

"Offcourse not ! Guys , cmon lets take a we-fie !" He cheered and gathered everyone together as i stood in the middle of them .

"3 , 2 , 1 . "

"Smile!" I exclaimed and everyone smiled with teeth .

I checked the photo and thanked them , making sure that i saved the photo well . "I'll draw this picture for you boys ." 

They then went back to doing whatever they were doing before while Jimin pulled me in his arms and planted kisses on my shoulder and cheeks while i was sitting on his lap .

"Please dont do this infront of the maknae ." Jin warned but Jimin just laughed , winking at Jungkook .

"He is already 20, hyung . He probably knows everything already . No worries ."

"Yea hyung , im 20 and i know the things that im supposed to know ." He smirked before Taehyung attacked him on his face , squashing it and forming a shape of a fish .

"These two are always goofing around , dont mind them ." Jimin whispers into my ears and i blushed .

"Can we have a photo together ? We dont even have a picture ." I asked and Jimin whopped out his phone , positioning it infront of our faces .

He leans in nearer towards me as i inhaled his really nice smelling cologne, feeling my heart beating quicker and quicker .

The timer started ticking .

As the timer went off , Jimin leans in and plants a kiss on my cheek which had shocked me .

I hit his thigh after the photo was taken . "Yah!"

I checked the photo and could see how red and shy i had gotten while Jimin lips was on my cheeks . He peers over and laughed , " look at how cute you look ."

"No . Look at how cute you look." I commented and played with his hair .

"Look at how cute the both of us look ." He replied and kissed me again .

"Stop kissing me , you byuntae ." I frowned and giggled , pinching his nose .

"Im not a byuntae."

"Yes you are a byuntae." I joked and left his lap, standing up .

"Come back to me Freya babeeeeeee ." He showed his eyesmiled and dragged the word "babe" , making me feel the cringe yet happy on the inside .

"We finally could be together and no one can come inbetween us ." He says but i couldnt help but think about my parents.

What would they do to get me back with them again ?

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