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After classes , i ran straight towards my locker , pushing everyone aside , earning groans and curses from students .

But it doesnt matter to me , only Jimin does , at least for now .

I spun the locker combination code and yanked the door open, i flipped through all the books and assignments i owned , but to no avail .

There was no letter .

Suddenly i heard someone calling my name . I turned around and saw Jimin .

He towers over me as i looked up to maintain the eyecontact .

"Why didnt you reply me ?" He asks, " the teacher was nearby ." I gave a random excuse and turned around back facing him , hoping that he wouldnt ask about the letter .

"Hey , so did you read my letter yet ? Or are you rejecting it ?"he bends down , matching our height together .

"I cant find the letter ." I admitted .

"How ? I was sure that i slotted it in your locker , did i put in the wrong one ?"

"Wa— oh right , some girl knocked into me , the letter probably fell ."

"Ah then its fine , ill just text you the details myself , make sure you reply , alright ?" He winks and walks off with a swagger as another group of girls trailed behind him .

I sighed , hes just way out of my league . I better stop crushing on him , ill only get hurt if i do .

I shrugged off and went out of the school gate , walking down to the cafe that i visit regularly .


"Hey Karen , can i have the usuals please ?" I called out , this was the only place where i can socialise well , at least , i knew the coffee girl .

"Hey do you wanna work here with me ? We are currently running short of people , the pay here is pretty good too ." She promotes while doing up my orders.

I placed my bag on the chair and leaned against the counter , watching her . "You know i cant talk to people very well , what if i piss people off ?"

"The fact that you are talking to me right now proves that you can talk , silly ." She laughs and hands me the drink , " its on the house , dont worry about it ."

"Thanks . Ill think about it ." I thanked her and went back to my sit , plugging in my earpiece and flipping open my assignment book , starting to complete my daily dose of homework .

The environment here was just way better compared to my own home , theres no one , im often lonely .

Its scary to be alone sometimes , i wanna change . I want to be a new me , but im too afraid to take a step forward.

Slowly , my eyelids felt heavier and heavier .

I fell asleep on my homework .

10 pm .

"Hey ." I heard a voice , followed by a shake on my arm .

"Freya , its already 10 , i need to close the store now ." Karen explained and i apologized , packing in my assignments back into my bag .

"Will you be alright going home alone at this time ? I can tell my father to help drive you home too since hes coming here to bring me back ."

"Its okay , your really nice though , Karen ." I thanked her but rejected the offer , walking out of the cafe and heading home .


I heard footsteps behind me .

Paranoid .

What should i do ?

I grabbed ahold of my bag and took out my house key , resting the key ring on my index finger , holding onto the ends of it tightly so that i could poke anyone with the sharper end if someone were to attack me .

I walked faster , and under the lamppost , i could clearly see a figure .

As i made a u- turn into an alley to my house , i stopped and felt someone pressing his body behind me .

I nearly screamed but a hand was placed on my mouth , silencing me . Acting along with my instincts , i scratched the person's face with the sharp edges of the key , hearing a groan from him .

The figure dropped to the floor and panted ,

"Its just me Jimin. Whats wrong , Freya?"

"I was going to ask you if you wanted to study together on Friday ... you didnt reply my messages or calls ."


Ok imma just update as much as i can today cuz tmr i have to go back to school to help my seniors with stuffzzzzzz

And i have chalet for 3 days straight so IMMA UPDATE MORE ^^

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