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4th January , 2016

It was like any other day of school , just that i felt ever so tired .

Last night ive been chatting with umbrella boy . Which was surprisingly.

I didnt know i had these social skills , especially when it comes to communicating with new people who i have just met . Maybe it is time for me to change my own perception of people , i ought to give myself and them , too , a chance .

I should start making friends . At the age of 18 , shouldnt girls be having fun ?

I plugged in my earpiece and boarded bus 83 , taking the single sitter seat , watching students stroll outside the window .


I thanked the bus driver and tapped the fare card , walking on the street nearing the school gate , i thumbed in for my attendance and loitered around the noisy hallway , leaning against my own locker .

As i opened up my locker , a note fell out . It looks plain , white and ordinary . My name was written in the front and i curiously opened it up .

However , another girl ran into me and knocked me down . Instead of crying like other girls , she laughed about how messy her hair was and how funny the situation was .

I couldnt help it but let out a chuckle seeing how contagious her laughter was , standing up and dusting my feet .

"Are you okay ? Im sorry , my friend Taehyung here just pushed me and i fell on you — hey Taehyunggie apologize to this girl right here !" She shouts and looked at this tall boy standing behind her .

"Hi , im so sorry , er..." he aplogizes and i nodded , brushing him off , walking off to the science classroom .

I got into the classroom and sat down at the far corner at the back . I hated science , science was my worst enemy and i just dont seem to understand it .

I took out my sketchbook , and drew the scene earlier on , adding onto the first sketch of the year , featuring Park Jimin .

Before i could finish , the bell rang and the next teacher came in on the dot .

"Attendance !" She shouted and wrote her name on the white board with a bold and thick black marker , instantly making herself look like a intimidating teacher who i would gladly avoid .

I watch as the poor girl who was nominated as the chairperson started counting heads , one by one from the front .

" Report . We have one student missing ." She spoke up and the teacher frowned .

"Who is it ? Everyone check if your deskmate is present , hang on . The girl at the back with a high ponytail , who sits beside you?" She called and pointed at me .

I frantically looked around the room and saw many pair of eyes looking at me . I hated attention as i gulped , not knowing my classmates names.

"I dont know , teacher ." I coughed .

"You dont know ?" She squinted her eyes , as if my reply was unbelievable for her .

Suddenly , the door burst open , revealing the boy i saw earlier . Was his name Taehyun ? Or Taehyung ? I dont remember.

I immediately pointed at him , " Taehyun . Its Taehyun whos missing ." My voice was loud and firm this time , however my classmates started laughing .

The boy himself laughed too , but the teacher looked mad . " You have been enrolled in this school for 2 years already , you dont know your schoolmates name , thats fine , but your classmate ? "

He cutted the teacher through and waved at me ," its fine . my name is Taehyungggggg " , emphasizing on the letter g at the back .

My face heated up in embarrassment .

I wanted to crawl into a hole and never show myself up . Each time i speak , i would only say something stupid. Its better for me to shut up .

"Taehyung go settle down in your seat and detention later !" The teacher shouted and on cue , he walked towards me and placed his bag on the floor .

"That lady only contributed to the noise pollution index here . Lets live through her together quietly ." He says to me and i nod .

In the middle of the lesson , i felt a vibration from my phone . I sneakily took it out of my pocket and read the message that i had received.

Umbrella boy
Hey so are you up for it ?

Huh ?

Have you read the letter ive sent you ?


Crap , wheres the letter ?

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