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"So ive been sleeping here since last night ?" I asked , head on the pillow , too embarassed to even face Jimin.

"Yea . You're such an ugly sleeper tsk ." Jimin joked and my cheeks heated up even more .

I quickly rolled down from the bed and pulled down the school skirt properly , grabbing onto my bag , i insisted to leave for home right away .

"Hey my mom is still making breakfast , why dont you join us ?" Jimin offered .

Before i could say anything, he took ahold of my bag and sling it onto his shoulders instead , "i treat my guests very well ."

I let out an awkward chuckle and agreed along with his plan , going down the stairs , seeing his mom setting up the plates .

"Kids , we are having pancakes for today!" His mom sang in a very happy tune , greeting the both of us with smiles right in the morning .

"You can brush your teeth with this new toothbrush . Its a spare , dont worry ." His mom handed me a plain white toothbrush and ushered me into the bathroom .


I looked at myself in the mirror and saw how messy my hair was , i looked like a dead zombie myself and pale without the usual lipbalm i use every night to ensure my lips are moisturised.

I quickly freshened and brushed my teeth , finally leaving the toilet .


I took a seat beside Jimin as he sat inbetween his mother and I . It was rather awkward .

"Here , honey have some pancakes , you too , Freya." She helped me with the food and i ate it deliciously , grinning from ear to ear .

"Mrs Park , your pancakes tastes heavenly !" I exclaimed , nibbling into more pancakes .

"Aww , such a sweet heart . Jimin must be such a lucky man to have found you , so are you two dating ?" She smiles even wider , creeping me out alittle .

Jimin placed down his cutlery , " mom , shes just a friend , we are not dating ."

"But its the first time you have ever brought a girl to our house , and shes such a sweetheart . You will fall for her anyways ." His mother grinned more and nudged him , making Jimin groan alittle .

"Im done with the breakfast , i will go wash the plate myself ." I quickly excused myself and went into the kitchen , breathing in and out heavily .

Wheeew that was so awkward .

I placed the plate in the sink as i grabbed onto a yellow sponge and pumped some detergent , before scrubbing and cleaning the plate , airing it out on the drying rack .

After i was done , i went back and tapped onto Jimin's shoulder .

"Hey erm , i'll go get my bag and i'll go home now ."

He nodded and i went into his room to collect my belongings , including my phone .

As i was walking back into the dining room where Jimin and his mother was at , i saw a unknown message coming in , timed since last night .

" is this Freya by chance? Please check your mailbox when you reach home  :) "

I got curious and i am dying to find out whats in the mailbox .

"Mrs Park , Jimin , thanks for having me for the night , im so sorry if i have bothered you ! Im kinda in a rush now , so i'll leave now then . Bye!!" I waved and ran out of the house .


Inhale .

Exhale .

I told myself as i walked on the pavement nearing my apartment . I pulled open the mailbox and saw a rectangular shaped letter , directed to me .

Bringing it into the house , i locked the doors and threw my bag on the bed .

I went to get a sip of water and sat down on the side of my bed , reading the letter .

Dearest Freya ,

This may seem very sudden and scary , but this letter is written by your biological parents . Freya , the name that ive chosen with your father , the goddess of love , i wanted you to grow up as a child who would be loved , and never cheated .

But life decides to play a game with me , by taking you away from us , your family . It took us several years to have finally found you , and we are currently on the plane , coming for you .

Your dad and i have been staying in Australia , and we hope that you would join and live with us .

You might not believe this letter , but once we arrive in Seoul , we will pay you a visit , we will talk more then .

Love ,
Dad and Mom

I have a mom and a dad ?

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