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Warning : last chapter .

Might trigger your waterworks and yes ,I am chopping onions for you .

Freya's POV

I showered and came out smelling all fresh and clean . Sitting down infront of the mirror , i took the towel as i dried my hair , thinking of what i should do before i sleep .

"Ah right . The drawings for bangtan and Jimin!" I exclaimed and took out my drawing block which was kept on the highest level on my bookshelf .

I set it on the table and i unplugged my phone from the charger , opening up the gallery application . Swiping with my finger , i enlarged and zoomed into the we-fie that we had taken the other day as i pulled out my favourite brand of pencils , setting it on the table .

My eyes shifted from the image to the drawing block every few seconds , making sure that it would have turned out nice.

Maybe bangtan could hang this in their dorm.

I laughed at the thought of their expressions when they see this drawing from me . Thinking about them , i poured in my heart and soul into this very picture , smiling while sketching out .


3 hours had gone by and i just completed the we - fie drawing with bangtan . I lifted it up from the desk as i smiled proudly , grinning .

It was currently 2am in the morning already but i was still up.

I stretched awhile and went to the kitchen and made myself some coffee .

With the coffee mug on my hand , i carefully sipped and settled down on the same seat again , pulling out another fresh piece of paper which i had planned to draw for Jimin and I .

I couldnt help but feel my face heating up as my eyes landed on the selca that i had with Jimin where he kissed me on the cheeks .

I started drawing the picture as well , trying to be as detailed as possible .

As i draw , my fingers touched onto Jimin's cheeks , heart thumping faster , glad that i had found a man like him .

Suddenly , i heard a knock on the door which made me jump alittle , dropping my pencil.

Deciding to ignore it , i picked up my pencil and continued with my work of art .

Well , i mean Jimin himself is already a work of art .

Who am i kidding man ?

However , the knocking didnt stop . I groaned and left my seat , opening the door to only see the same guard that was guarding me at the pent house .

My eyes grew big as he grabbed onto me and hurriedly threw me into the backseat of his car , driving off immediately .

"Yah ! Stop the car !" I screamed and slammed my figure onto the door but it just wouldnt budge at all .

I pulled the ledge but it was to no avail .

"Miss if i were you , i would not do something stupid that might get us killed ." He persuaded and calmed me down .

Tears streamed down my face as i couldnt stop thinking about Jimin. I was being taken away by them again , for the second time and Jimin doesnt even know about it now .

Instead of turning in to the penthouse , i watch the guard as he drove us towards the airport .

"Get out !" He shouted and i shook , moving out timidly .

I wanted to run but he pressed onto my shoulders . " Suck back those tears . Your parents want to see you ." He brought me to a alley and i saw my parents .

My mom immediately hugged me and kissed me , " lets leave Korea and lead a new life together as a whole family alright ?"

I pushed her away , " i am not leaving with you two . I have a life here and i want Jimin . So stop coming for me !" I screamed which caused a few people to turn and look at us .

My father , however carried and sling me over his shoulders , "honey , listen to us . If you come with us , you will have a better future . A better man than your stupid Jimin."

I frantically kicked and bite into his skin , causing him to let me go .

I ran and ran , crawling and hiding away from them .

However , once i turned around , i felt something poking into my skin which made me close my eyes immediately , going into a deep sleep .

Jimin's POV

I woke up to the sound of my alarm at 7am . Hopping out of bed with a happy smile on my face , i quickly washed up and prepared some homemade sandwiches for Freya , thinking about touched she would have felt .

"Wow hyung , you are up early." Jungkook patted on my back and i nodded , "im going to surprise Freya at her house ."

I hummed to the tune of  "Boy in Luv" as i skipped and walked into the neighbourhood that Freya was living at .

I squinted my eyes as i approached nearer towards her house .

As if my heart stopped , i dropped the lunchbox filled with the homemade sandwich and watched a fresh apple roll down the street .

Her door is open .
Wasnt it close last night ?

I pushed open the door , revealing her living room . After checking every room , i ran into her bedroom and saw how her phone was even left on the desk .

Unlocking it , it was the selca of me and her . Looking at the desk , i saw two drawings .

One with the group while the other was halfway completed .

Behind it was a few other sketches that she had done in the beginning of the year .

I slowly flipped and saw the drawing of a boy with an umbrella .

Memory ;
I took her hand and handed my blue umbrella to a girl who was standing under the rain without any shelter . Quickly, i threw my hoodie on and said ," i dont want you to feel cold ."

Isnt that me that she's drawing ?

Unknowingly , i dropped to the floor and bent forward, pressing a palm on the floor while hugging the drawing tightly .

Once that first tear broke free, the rest followed in an unbroken stream.

I held the half completed picture of us and screamed .

"I am incomplete without you Freya. Like this drawing , its incomplete . Timing is everything and i had missed it , and then ..."

"I missed you ."




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