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Been neglecting this ff for 2 days okay im so bad .

Time for an update weee !!!

Freya's POV

I saw Jimin leave the room and the guard went up to the gate to ensure that it was close . Taking this time , i quickly slipped the note that he had for me underneath my pillow that ive been sitting on .

"Miss would you like me to set the food on the table for you ? You are still on the floor ." The guard offered once he came back but i quickly shook my head .

"If you take a step infront, i will scream and say that you molested me . If you want that you can try ." I threatened and frowned .

The guard then moved back and didnt reply , knowing his place .

As i ate up the food , i felt better , knowing that Jimin had a plan to rescue me out . However , I needed to read the note as soon as possible , but the guard was still staring at me , watching my every move .

I coughed , " can i have some privacy ? Im just eating , do you really have to look ?"

"Its an order from your parents , they said that i need to watch you and make sure you dont run ."

"Then how about you , just stare at the door , so that you know i wouldnt open it and run ?"

"The door is boring, miss ."

"How dare you speak back to me , look at the door if you dont want to get fired !" I shouted for once and he got shocked , turning around immediately .

After realising that he wouldnt turn around anymore , i opened up the note and started reading .

I borrowed the work uniform from Taehyung's friend (oh Taehyung is one of my dongsaeng ) . Ill be standing by the lift and my hyungs are ready at the carpark once you run out . Oh right , you havent met them before . They have really nice haircolours so if you spot 6 boys with colourful hair colours , go to them and they will escort you . Im assuming you still have your phone with you , so long you have a chance to slip out , send me a text and ill get everyone ready . Cant wait to see you :))

I quickly tore the paper into shreds before throwing it into the bin that was stationed not very far away from me to prevent anyone from reading it .

"Miss are you tearing something ?" The guard asked but still had not turned around .

"Dont you dare disturb me when im eating !" I screamed at him , making him shudder .

Finishing my food , i placed the plates on the tables and went to wash my hands .

"I'll head out to hand back the plates to the chef here ." I said but the guard took ahold of the plates , " i'll do it . You can just stay here . "

"No . I want to go out for some fresh air as well . Im just going to return these back into the kitchen and come back . I promise ."

Surprisingly, the guard let me out , but he stood outside of the door , watching me leave the room , heading towards the lift .

I saw Jimin .

And he saw me .

I scrunched up my face , trying to tell him that he shouldnt approach me but i guessed that he didnt get it as he went ahead and waved at me .

I quickly ran and pushed him into the lift , panting .

"My guard was watching us . He probably realised that something went wrong and is already calling for assistance .

I placed the plates on the floor of the lift as i began to press onto every level available .

"This way they wont know which level we ran out from ." I winked and Jimin 's lips found its way to mine .

We had a brief make out session before pulling away from each other .

"Lets get out at this floor and hide at the stairs for awhile first ." Jimin suggested and we both got out on the 10th floor , sitting down on the steps of the flight of stairs .

"Ive notified my hyungs and dongsaengs already . They will tell us when to go down ."

I nodded and threw myself in his warm embrace , " oh Jimin i missed you so much ."

"I missed you even more ."

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