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Im getting braces during Feb 2nd 2017 :((
Any adviceeeeeee

Both of us were literally camping on the floor , sitting crosslegged .

"Lets get you cleaned up alright ." Jimin said , " where do you keep those spare towels again?" He continued .

I stood up from the floor and walked into my room once again , grabbing onto another fresh towel , throwing it on his face .

"This is the last one . I only have three towels . You used up one , one of it is in the washing machine and this is the last one." I announced before laying back beside him on the ground .

"Its okay , we can share ." He grins and turned me around so that i would back face him , " you have really pretty hair , you know that ?" He comments while combing my hair with his long fingers .

He took ahold of the towel and rubs it against the ends of my hair , gently trying to help speed up the hair drying process .

"Oh wait , shouldnt you go change first ? You might catch a cold in this rate ." Jimin pointed out and insisted that i change my clothes first . I whined but moved back into the room once again , slipping back the same shirt that i was initially wearing , dumping the wet clothes in the washing machine for later .

"Jimin must be cold too ." I thought , rummaging through the closet , i searched for the biggest set of clothes that i had . I had no boys over before , hence i didnt have any guys clothings , groaning , i grabbed the biggest white sweater that i had and pulled out a extra baggy pants that i had not worn before .

I called those my grandma clothes .

"Jiminie~" i sang and showed him the clothes that i had found for him , he laughed , " wait , thats for me ?"

I nodded and blushed when he didnt even hesistate taking off his shirt infront of me ,revealing his very toned 6 packs .

"You like ?" He wiggled his eyebrows , teasing me . I turned around and let out a small scream , fanning my own face .

"I must have been someone great in my past life to get a cute girlfriend like you ." He commented , pulling down the white sweater .

"Pass me the grandma pants , princess." I heard him and i threw the pants backwards , estimating where he would have been .

I heard the sound of his belt unbuckling and i gulped . " now dont turn around i say so , alright ?"

"Offcourse ."

"Okay you can turn around now ." He giggled , i turned around with one eye closed as my hands were up on my face, covering .

"Im all changed, dont worry." He assured me with a smile before attacking me down on the sofa with his hugs , " i just wannna cuddle with you ."

"On the sofa ?" I laughed , feeling his fingers poking into my skin on the side of my stomach .

"It tickles ." I giggled , attempting to tickle him back as well .

"How about we chill on the bed together instead ? The surface is bigger . And i wanna show you something ." Jimin suggested and i gently pinched his nose , " byuntae."

"Im only byuntae for you though ." He carried me up with bridal style and brought me into my bedroom , throwing me on the bed , before joining me himself.

"Now isnt this better ? Your bed is so comfortable ."

"What do you wanna show me ?" I asked curiously with big eyes , instead he smirked .

"Do you wanna see it ?"

I nodded .

Jimin then rolled from one end of my bed to another , pulling me along with him , "im marking my territory here ."

"The whole bed ? Hey its mine !" I defended myself .

"Someday in the future when i marry you , it will be ours . And then we will have a room for our kids too ." He smirks .

"Kids ? We are only 18 Park Jimin!" I exclaimed , smacking him .

"It isnt too early to think about the future though . I want two kids , a girl and a boy . A-Oh ! The boy will be older than the girl so he can protect his younger sister like how i will protect you from now on !" He blabbed on , grinning from ear to ear while thinking about it .

"We have only been dating for a day , and you are already thinking about kids , damn it Jimin !" I smacked him with the nearest pillow i saw .

"Pillowfight!" He giggled and smack me back with another .


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