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Third person POV

It has been exactly two days and it was driving Jimin and Freya crazy .  Both of them were missing each other dearly and couldnt stand being apart , depressed and not eating properly even though they were given proper care and proper food by individual parents .

Jimin had started drinking , though it was illegal . He had his hyungs buy him some bottle of soju from convenient stores as they were of age .

<take Jimin and Freya were both 18 > A/N

His hyungs looked at him sadly and he wouldnt let anyone enter his room except for them , not even his parents were allowed in .

This had caused his parents to feel distressed and worried about their son coping alone there . He wouldnt come out , unless it was time to bath or when nature calls .

Meanwhile Freya was getting her princess treatment from her parents . She was taken to spas , facials and salons where she was being pampered . Compared to other 18 year olds , she looked glum the entire day , when she should be excited about it .

Their parents were shocked to see that she still hadnt open up yet but reminded each other that they needed patience and she needed time to adjust to them , though they didnt like it when she was giving them the silent treatment .

Luckily for Freya , she promised that she would have behave , hence she had her phone with her .

Freya fiddled with her phone and texted Jimin in secrecy when the guard wasnt looking .

She sent him an address of the hotel and asked him to rescue her out of here , as quickly as possible . Only to realise that there wasnt any response throughout the whole day .

Little did she know that Jimin was drunk , crying and didnt bother to check his phone .

"Jimin!" His hyung Yoongi ran up to him and slapped him twice in the face , before shoving the message up in his face .

"What are you waiting for !? Go get her !" He screamed , hoping to knock some sense into him .

Taehyung pointed at the address , " this looks familiar . My friend works there , i can help borrow some work uniform there for Jimin . They are the same size too ."

The others cheered and hurried Taehyung to get to work , as he met up with his friend and ran back to Jimin's apartment immediately .

While waiting for Jimin to sober up , his hyungs and dongsaeng planned a escape route and figured how to help them .

"Jimin , fighting!" They all shouted and Jimin's eyes twinkled , thankful for his hyungs and dongsaengs .

Fingers crossing that nothing would go wrong .


I threw on the work uniform and walked in the hotel confidently , pressing onto the lift button which brought me to the kitchen .

"The boss would like to know if there were any meals for the guests living in the penthouse ?" I lied and hoped that the people working here were easily fooled .

"Ah yea there is one for their daughter , its right there . You can bring it up for us ." The chef nodded and i walked towards the food cart and thanked him before walking away with it .

"Is he new ?" One of the employees questioned aloud but I shrugged it off and walked away quickly, proceeding back into the lift , pressing onto the penthouse button .

"Ill save you,Freya . I will." I muttered under my breath , determined to not let myself and my hyungs down .

When the lift stopped , i walked out slowly and pressed onto the doorbell of the penthouse , indicating that food service was here .

A man in black came out and looked at me , before nodding and allowing me in .

I walked in and spotted Freya on the ground , looking out of the window .

"Miss , your food is here ." The guard said but she didnt move a muscle , still staring out of the window .

She didnt even notice my presence here and my heart was beating so fast .

I fake coughed a few times and spoke ," your food , miss ."

She immediately turned around , shocked and looked as if she was about to burst into tears . We locked eyes and my gaze softened , glad to see that she looked okay and was not abused .

However, to avoid suspicion, i quickly passed her the food tray with a note hidden below it , whispering to her as the guard was staring uncomfortably when i served her food .

She thanked me aloud and the guard watched me as i take my leave .

I hope she had read the note and would perform just as the hyungs had planned .

One slip and all efforts would have been wasted .

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