1 Mouth later (6 months)

Yn Pov

Yn- *Leaning on andrew*. (Btw u two aren't together lol) Umm Andrew.....

Drew- Yea?

Yn-It's time

Drew-OMG!!! What do we do!!

Yn-Just drive me to the FREAKEN hospital!


**Gets everything and leaves**

Drew- We need a nurse over here please!'
*Nurses running towards u*

By now my pain has gotten MASSIVE and I want these babies out!

***In the room**

Doctor-Push on three 1..2..3!

Yn-*Push and crys in pain*

Drew-Come on Yn u can do it


Doctor-They're out!

The doctor said the babies were out but I didn't hear any crying. I saw drew cut the cord but he had tears in his eyes....I didn't know were they tears of joy or what

Yn-Where's my babies...

Drew-*Looks at you with red eyes*

Doctor- I'm sorry Yn......but.....it looks like....

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