Dangerous Prince: The Choice (chap 4)

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"Honestly Athrun, I just asked you to tell me something about women so stop staring at me like that as if I raped an angel!" I practically shouted.

He closed his mouth and smiled at me apologetically. "Sorry."

I sat on the crouch crankily and waited for him to say something.

"Tell me what specifically is it that you want to know about them." The corner of his mouth twitched a little. "Do you want to know how to court a woman?"

I can't help but roll my eyes at him. "I am not interested in any woman. I am here because I want to know how to get rid of a woman. I want to know the things that... that kick the hell out of her."


"None of your business."

Athrun sat beside his bed, turned on the lampshade and opened a book. "No story, no answer."

"I said it's none of your business!"

He continued in leafing through the pages and pretended that he did not hear me. Damn, he was serious! He really wanted to know the reasons! But I can't tell him that I allowed a demon to get into my nerves! He will laugh at me!

"Fine." I stood up and walked towards the door of his room. "I'll just go to Justin's room and ask him."

Athrun closed the book and howled into laughter.

"What's funny?" I growled, losing my patience.

"Justin is as stu - I mean ignorant as you when it comes to women and love!"

"I'm only here to ask about women. I am not interested to know anything about love. Love is something that I -"

"Why are you so defensive?" he cut in.

"Damn you, Athrun!" I went back to the couch and glared at him. "There was a demon who kept on following me. She said she loves me but I do not love her!"

"You don't really love her?"

"Do I look like I'm in love?"

Athrun smiled. "No, you look pissed. Have you told her that you don't love her?"

"A million times!" I exclaimed.

"What did she said?"

"She said it doesn't matter... she said that she can make me fall in love with her," I admitted but regretted it immediately when I saw him smile in amusement. "There is nothing funny about it, Athrun."

"What are the other things that she said?" he asked, still smiling.

My eyes narrowed at him.

"Hey, I have to know," he said in defense. "It could help me analyze the problem. It could help solve your problem."

Sighing in defeat I said, "She said she won't stop courting me until I say yes."

Athrun coughed, trying hard not to laugh. "Interesting demon."


"Sorry," he mumbled.

"So what's your plan?"

He leaned on the headboard and hugged one of his pillows. He looked to be in a deep thought.

It felt good to know that he was taking this seriously. This was a serious case - for me. The angels' and human's future depends in me. I cannot let Analee to continue on stalking me. There was a great possibility that she will find out about my real plan and I was as sure as hell that she would not like it.

"Tell me first why you want to get rid of her."

My head snapped up at him. "NO."

"I know you, Kira." He said seriously. "If anyone tries to mess with you... you kill them. That's what made you a very dangerous enemy."

"Is that the reason why an angel like you is helping me?" I mocked. "You don't want me to be your enemy?"

"I'm helping you because I know that you don't want to be a demon forever." He smiled again. "You are so like Ethan."

Yes. Ethan and I had lots in common. We were both demons who wanted to become an angel again through the help of the servatrix. We both killed an angel to help save a little girl - in my case - and Ashley - in his case.

"I can't tell you." I cannot tell it to anyone. I cannot trust anyone.

"You can trust me," he said, as if he could sense that I doubted him. "You don't have to tell me everything. Just give me... an idea about what you are planning to do."

"Promise to me you won't tell this to anybody." I said, pinching the bridge of the nose. At least angels could be trusted unlike the demons.

"I promise..."

Looking straight into his green eyes, I said, "The archdemon assigned me as the new leader of the army. He wants me to find the servatrix and the Frontterra and kill them both."

"I can't see why a demon like her could be a hindrance in your plan."

"Killing the servatrix and the frontterra is the archdemon's plan, not mine. My real plan is to find the servatrix and make sure that the demons cannot harm him or her. I have to make sure that the servatrix will successfully perform the ritual - the ritual that could kill the 'bad' demons and transform the 'good' demons into an angel again." Looking away from him I added, "Like what you've said before, I don't want to be a demon forever. The servatrix is my only chance to become an angel again. If Analee will keep on stalking me, she will find out what my real plan is. She will find out that I am betraying the demons. I'll be in danger."

"How about the frontterra? What are you planning to do with her?"

"I have to find the frontterra before the servatrix perform the ritual. I need the frontterra's power."

Athrun frowned. "But why?"

"I've said enough," I snapped. "It's your turn to help me."

He narrowed his gaze on me and then nodded. "Why don't you look for a demon that is charming enough to get Analee's attention?"

"I've done that before..."

"What exactly did you do?"

"I told her that she and Lachlan look good together," I said proudly. "I told her that Lachlan loves her."

Athrun rolled his eyes with exaggeration. "You are pathetic. That is not the right way to do that. You should talk to Lachlan and tell him to cooperate with you. If Lachlan really loves this demon then I'm sure he'll do anything that you ask him to do."

I processed the things he said to me for a moment. I was sure that Lachlan would cooperate with me. The demon was willing to move heaven and earth just to have Analee. But what will Lachlan and I do?

"Are you thinking about what you are going to do next after you have convinced him?" Athrun asked and I nodded. "Leave that to me."

Athrun sounded so confident. I hope it was enough... enough to keep Analee away from me. Were there no flaws in our plans? But what if it didn't work? Shit! I must not underestimate Analee!

"What if it didn't work?" I asked, horrified at the thought. Damn that girl! She made me insane! She made me angry! Now she made me feel so damn afraid!

Athrun smiled, sensing my fury. "Well there is only one thing left that you could do if the plan with Lachlan didn't work."

"What is it?"

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