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Once out of the tub Yasmine noticed just how many times Cameron had called and texted !! But he wasn't the only one, with a couple texts from Linda she noticed Daniel had also texted .. She started to delete them but curious, she decided to go ahead and open them ..

All of Daniel's messages had her scared .. He was acting delusional, saying stuff like they were destined to be together, he loved her, he was sorry, he would raise her daughter like his own, and that he knew that she felt their connection as well .. The message that topped it all was the one that said he wasn't gonna give up on her anytime soon, that let her know she hadn't seen the last of him .. Holding her towel tighter around her body, Yasmine contemplated on calling Cameron .. Instead, she called Linda back ..

"Hello !!" Hearing her voice put Yasmine more at ease ..

"I think I'm gonna go to a hotel until I can find something else !!" Sitting on the bed, Yasmine looked around paranoid

"Why ? I didn't tell Cameron where you were .. " She said confused

"I know, but this Daniel dude .. he's acting real stalker-ish and I'm not comfortable with it !!" She replied

"Tell Cameron, I mean .. you don't gotta tell him where you are, trust me he'll still get him off of your back !!" Linda suggested ..

Shaking her head Yasmine didn't want Cameron involved, she didn't want him thinking she was weak simply because she wasn't with him so she wasn't gonna go crying to him every time she got scared ..

"No, I think a hotel is better !!"

"Come stay with me !!" She suggested, Hearing the excitement in her voice Yasmine bit her lip as she thought of a way to let her down ..

She knew Cameron would eventually start looking for her, and his moms place would be the first place he looked ..

"I can't Linda, your son !!" Letting her voice trail off, she knew Linda would get the point

"Mm, Well, okay .. Just text me when you make it .. and make sure you're not being followed Yas !! You have my grandchild with you .." She warned

"I know, I'll be careful !!" Standing up Yasmine headed for her closet ..

"Ok, I'll talk to you later on .. don't forget to call me !!" She said

"Okay !!" Hanging up, Yasmine grabbed the first duffel bag she seen, and started packing it up .. Filling it with everything she needed for a couple nights until she could go back during the day to get the rest of her and the girls stuff ..

Once in the garage, she tossed everything into her trunk .. Once safe and secure in her car she let the garage up ..

After driving around for about a hour, just to think, and also to make sure no one was following her .. Yas was starting to get tired, and more than anything she wanted to go to sleep .. Then her phone started ringing ..

"Hello !!" Answering the unknown number, she thought it was Daniel but instead she heard a woman's voice

"Yasmine, It's Krystal !!" She heard her laughing on the other end of the phone

"Hiiii, Krys !! Where are you ?!" Yasmine was so excited she had to pull over on the side of the road, she hadn't heard from Krystal in months .. One day she had just dropped off the face of the earth !! Her mom said she went away for school, so Yasmine just accepted that .. but eventually they lost touch completely ..

"I'm here in town, I wanna see you !!" She sounded just as excited as Yasmine ..

"Yeah !! Of course, we got allot to catch up on !! Can you meet me somewhere ?" Yasmine, pulled back off into traffic and headed to her hotel ..

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