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Cameron had been gone for more than three hours, it was going on 2 am and Yasmine still hadn't heard from him.. With no way to get in touch with him she decided against staying, she took his absence as a reason to leave instead !! Calling a taxi for her and her sisters, they left shortly after leaving him a note saying they were gone. Already sleepy, the girls were even more mad at their sister once they realized they wouldn't be going to six flags .. They didn't realize their sister was looking out for them, all they saw was what she wasn't doing .. To make matters worse there was a shut-off notice from the electricity company stuck to the door once they made it !! Between Cameron's 600 dollar tip and her bi-weekly pay she still wasn't cutting close to anything she needed ..

Sighing Yasmine ripped the sticker off of the door as she opened the door and went inside .. "Go get in your pajamas & go back to bed !!" Yasmine ran her fingers through her hair in frustration

"We're hungry !!" Sky whined staring up at her big sister

"Sky, it's almost 3 in the damn morning .. go to bed !! You have school tomorrow !!" She replied slightly raising her voice

Frowning at her, Yasmine watched her little sisters disappear into their bedrooms dragging their feet along the way ..

The pressure was laying on her thicker and thicker day by day and she didn't know what to do .. Barging into the living room as Yasmine sat with her face in the palms of her hands her mother made her appearance for the first time in a couple days .. Staring at her Yasmine watched as she stumbled into the room side eyeing her ..

"What the hell you lookin at ?!" Brenda slurred her words as she flopped down on to the couch beside her daughter ..

"Mama, what did you do with that check ?" Yasmine asked basically already knowing the answer, she just needed to hear it from her mouth ..

Pausing to think she glanced at Yasmine "It's gone, why ?" She asked going into defense mode

"What did you spend it on ? Drugs ? Beer ? Or both ?" Yasmine was clearly irritated with her mother as she got up to raise the window of the apartment to let out some of the funk that was fuming from her mothers clothing ..

"Don't you judge me little girl !! You workin, why the hell you need my check ?!" She asked sitting up on the couch with her hands on her hips

"First of all, it's not your check .. The government issued it to you for US !! Meaning me, sky, and star !!" She yelled

"Lower your voice bitch !! This my house, watch what you say to me !! Ya, hear ?!" She asked standing up

Rolling her eyes Yasmine was done with the conversation, Having De JaVu she already knew them talking would lead to nowhere .. Instead she just stared at her mom shaking her head as she listened to her speak !! Hanging out with the wrong crowd is what got her mom on drugs, with no real reason in the world .. one day she simply just came home high !! Then everyday after that that's what she did .. she just came home high !! Neglecting her kids, her job, her house, and herself !!

Tuning her mom out Yasmine headed to her room closing the door, the phone Cameron gave her sat on the dresser going off .. Picking it up she realized she had 2 recent missed calls from him, he called back and she answered ..

"Come outside !!" He said before she could even speak

Yasmine walked over to her window looking out, she saw Cameron's truck in the parking lot with his lights on ..

"Alright !!" She sighed hanging up

Her mother eyed her as she walked out of the house, making sure to slam the door on her way out Yasmine didn't want to disrespect her mom and sometimes it took all the strength in her body not to ..

The air was chilly causing her to hug her arms tight across her body, Cameron sat in his truck looking down at his phone as she hopped in ..

"What's up ?" She asked looking straight ahead

Still looking down at his phone he asked "Why did you leave ?"

Yasmine sighed "You were gone too long, and my sisters have to be at school in the morning !!" She replied rolling her eyes

He shook his head as he sat his phone down "You think that was smart ? Pulling your little sisters out at 2 in the damn morning taking public transportation ?" He asked finally glancing over at her

"I don't need a lecture Cameron !!"

"Whateva Yas !!" He rolled his window down lighting a blunt

She sighed as she watched him "I need a favor !!"

"What kind of favor ?" He asked checking his phone

"Money !!" She replied

"How much ?" Cameron reached into his pocket pulling out a wad of cash ..

"Three Hundred !!"

Cam peeled off five hundred bucks and handed it to her .. then started checking his phone again ..

"Thank you !!" She said eyeing him

"No problem .." He glanced over at her and smiled

Out of nowhere a woman came beating on the window of his truck, a man was chasing behind her screaming .. A fat, Cuban guy, with a huge beer belly, his pants were barely holding on as he ran with one hand holding them up .. Cameron got out of the truck stepping in front of the girl he raised a gun at the guy who put his hands in the air .. Yasmine was no fool, she stayed her ass in the car and watched whatever in the hell was going down ..

Cameron walked over to the guy saying something to him as the guy pointed at the girl going off about something .. The girl was pretty, long black hair, dark skin, she had on a white fitted halter dress, diamonds in her ears, and heels on her feet .. Yasmine didn't know what she had gotten herself into or why Cameron was defending her but she didn't bother to ask either .. The girl glanced at Yasmine from outside the truck quickly looking away avoiding eye contact .. seconds later Cameron came back as the Cuban guy walked away occasionally glancing behind him .. After saying something to the girl she hopped into the backseat, as Cameron got in the front with a pissed off look on his face ..

"I'll pick you up in the morning !! Be dressed around 10:00 !!" He said starting his truck

"What's going on ?" Yasmine asked looking back at the girl who quickly looked away once again

"Don't worry about it !! Go straight inside !!" He said giving her a kiss on the cheek then popping the locks

Yasmine got out of the truck and made her way back upstairs .. Once at her door Yasmine watched as Cameron pulled away ..





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