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Baby, Chloe Elizabeth Burrows was born on September 15th, after 17 hours of labor .. Yasmine had been staying at Cameron's house for the past month. Just as he promised, there were no party's, no traffic in and out, and his mom was always over to help. As much as Yas appreciated everything that Cam was doing, she still felt a disconnection from him .. With her knowing what he did she tried not to nag him, but apart of her was jealous that the streets were getting the majority of the attention she was once getting 24/7 .. Cameron was in love with his daughter, but she questioned his relationship to her ..

4:27 am

Laying Chloe down in her bassinet, Yas glanced at the clock .. Cameron still hadn't made it home and she was starting to get agitated !! They weren't in a relationship, but she still felt like he should be there by a certain time to help with the baby .. Hearing the door slam downstairs, she walked out slowly closing the door, careful to not wake Chloe !! Cameron stood in the door way checking his phone, not noticing that Yasmine was standing at the top of the stairs staring at him ..

"Where you been ?" She asked

Looking up at her Cameron smirked, "You know where I been !!" Pulling his jacket off he tossed it on the couch and headed to the kitchen ..

Following him, Yasmine smelled liquor on him .. "Can I ask you a question ?" She asked with a straight face ..

"What ?" He asked

"You fuckin any of those girls at them parties ?" She asked, Glancing at her Cameron shook his head, "Nope !!" Opening the refrigerator he stared inside, not pleased with the contents he shut it back just to see Yasmine still standing there mugging him ..

"What's your problem ?"

"You're my problem .. I need your help Cam !! I thought that was the sole purpose of me being here !!" She responded putting her hands on her hips, Yasmine had lost all of her baby weight .. and her body was even better than before ..

Not responding to her Cameron walked over to her, and wrapped his arms around her waist and began kissing her neck.. Her and Cameron had been having sex, that was what she had missed the most about him .. His dick game was always on point, and it was also what always got her to thinking with her pussy instead of her brain .. Pushing him off of her she walked away from him .. "Tomorrow, me and Chloe is going to my house !!" Rolling her eyes Yasmine was slightly jealous but she would never tell him that ..

Following her, Cameron sucked his teeth "You ain't goin no damn where !!" He replied

"Watch me !!" She said turning around, daring him to say anything different ..

Cameron was no saint, since she had been back at the house they even had a couple altercations but she did notice a change in him .. he was a work in progress ..

"If you gonna be on this shit, I'm about to go .. Cause if I stay while you talkin this bullshit Imma end up beatin your ass and wakin up my daughter so imma leave !!" Cameron turned around and headed for the door ..

"Fuck you !!" Yas mumbled, as she turned around to head back upstairs to Chloe ..

Hearing her, Cameron stopped before proceeding out the door .. then he walked on out slamming the door !! Yasmine stormed upstairs and got into the shower .. Sending Cameron a text went into Chloe's nursery and began putting her clothes away .. she knew she needed to be sleeping but her issues with Cameron wouldn't let her .. Yasmine weighed her options as she watched her daughter sleep, eventually ending up falling asleep in the rocking chair. Just to be woken up by the front door slamming shut .. Knowing it was Cameron, she rushed out of the room to find him. But she didn't see Cameron, instead she saw Khalil.

"What are you doing here ?" She asked

"Cam here ?" He asked glaring at her ..

"No, he's on his way though !!" She replied ..

Laughing, Khalil closed the door .. "No, he ain't !!" Walking closer to her he was now right in her face "Wanna know how I know ?" Pausing, he had a smirk on his face "Because, I just left Cameron .. he laid up with your ex-bestfriend Krystal as we speak !!" Rubbing her cheek with his thumb Khalil smiled ..

"Get out !!" She said walking away from him, just to be snatched up by him ..

"Naw, Cameron ain't here to save you right now !!" He said rubbing his hand up her t-shirt .. Yasmine wanted to cry, but she remembered not to ..

"My daughter is here, Khalil move !!" Pushing him, he slapped her up against the staircase ..

"Well, let's get down to business before she wakes up !!" He replied ..

Staring at him, Yasmine was thinking of what she could do ..

"This gonna happen whether you want it to or not, so I suggest you do it quietly so you don't wake up your daughter !!" Glancing upstairs, Khalil held a smirk on his face ..

Nodding, she slowly agreed as she headed upstairs .. Undressing her Khalil took off her clothes, as she cringed at his touch .. By the hardness pressing up against her she could tell he was excited.. Picking her up, he placed her on the bed and got between her legs .. Kissing his way down her stomach to her underwear .. he pulled her panty's to the side, Tasting her Khalil massaged his dick through his jeans .. Yasmine refused to moan, it was nothing good about it and she was just praying Cameron would walk in to save her .. then she got a idea ..

Sliding her hand towards the edge of the bed, she struggled to stick her hand underneath the mattress .. Their body weight made it harder for her to stick her hand through the mattresses .. shifting her weight over she finally was able to get her hand underneath them .. now she just prayed the knife she placed there was still there .. Feeling the sharp tip she smiled on the inside as she grabbed for the knife .. Pulling it out she kicked Khalil off of her, holding the knife up she held it towards him ..

"Get the fuck out !!" She yelled

Unbothered, Khalil proceeded to walk towards her "Bitch !!" attempting to snatch it away from her he reached for the knife .. only for Yasmine to dodge his grasp sticking him in his stomach .. Pulling It out she stabbed him again .. before tossing the blade to the ground and backing away from him .. Yasmine's eyes got big as she watched him slowly bleed out .. She watched the life leave his body, then picked up the phone and called Cameron ..




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