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Halfway across the street Yasmine realized exactly what she was getting herself into, she didn't know this man from a can of paint but there she was about to get in his truck with him. Pulling her hand away from his she paused in the middle of the street folding her arms across her chest ..

"What ?" He asked looking back at her

"I can walk !!" She smiled reaching for her backpack "I live literally right up the street !!"

Pulling her backpack away from her he threw it over his shoulder grabbing her hand again ..

"Well I'll walk with you, you cool with that ?" Smiling, He didn't bother to wait for a answer as he pulled her along ..

"How old are you Yasmine ?" Cameron asked licking his lips ..

Just the way he said her name made her feel good, she really didn't have time for boys .. but now that someone was there demanding her attention she realized just how inexperienced she really was ..

"I'm 17 .." She replied staring a whole in the side of his face as they walked .. "How old are you ?"

"I'm 22 !!" He chuckled

"You don't look 22 !!" Yasmine replied with a smile

"And you don't look 17 !!" He admitted as his eyes jolted towards her lower waist ..

Feeling slightly uncomfortable she focused her attention elsewhere, Cameron had a tight grip on her hand as he played with her fingertips as they walked ..

"You know you shouldn't be walking out here alone right, especially not at this time of night !!" He said looking down at her, as she fiddled with her gold chain that hung from her neck ..

"Yeah, I know .. Kind of don't have a choice though .."She smiled looking up at him

"Why not ?" He asked

"Well, my mom .. she's not able to do for me .. nor my little sisters at the moment !! So, I'm trying to pick up some of the slack !!" She responded watching her feet as she walked

"How bad is it ?" Cameron asked

"Bad, I don't know how I'm gonna do it but I'll figure it out bad !!" She gave him a nervous laugh

Nodding he decided to leave the topic be .. He could tell she didn't wanna talk about it anyways .. They walked in silence the closer they got to her apartment ..

His presence alone made her feel safe but she wouldn't admit that to him .. Not wanting him to know where she lived she stopped as they neared her apartment complex ..

"This is me !!" Yasmine reached for her backpack

Pulling it away from her yet again, he pushed her hand out the way .. "I'll walk you to your door !!" He replied looking her up and down ..

Biting her lip she noticed his truck was behind them as the lights popped on almost blinding her .. She blocked the light with her hand as she looked up at Cameron ..

"I didn't know they were following us !!" She said trying to get a better look at the people inside of the truck ..

Ignoring her he looked towards her complex "Which one is it ?" He asked grabbing her hand again ..

Yasmine was starting to regret even stopping for him, she didn't think he would take it this far .. And the thought of anyone she didn't really know knowing where she and her little sisters rested their heads bothered her ..

Biting her lip she attempted get her backpack again "Cameron, I got it from here !!" She said only for him to pull away again

"Where you stay ?" He asked looking her in her eyes ..

Sighing she walked off towards her apartment building, she glanced back to see Cameron close behind eyeing her ass as she walked .. She turned around once he looked up at her and smiled .. On the inside she was cursing herself out for being so damn stupid .. This was the one time she prayed her mom was at home .. possible with a few men in the kitchen playing spades like they usually were on certain nights ..

"This is me !!" She said outside of her door

"You in school ?" He asked

"Yes, why ?"

"I'll be here in the morning to pick you up, and take this phone !!" He said reaching into his pocket and handing it to her "It's yours now !! When I call you answer !!" He said with a smile

Side eyeing him Yasmine knew for sure he was crazy ..

"Excuse me ?" She chuckled not taking him serious "No, you keep this !!" After attempting to place it back in his pocket he pushed the phone away

"I'm serious, take it !! I can help you !!" His face was calm and serious

"Help me with what ?" She asked folding her arms across her chest

"With everything !!" He replied

Tilting her head to the side Yasmine wondered what in the hell he was talking about, but she was tired and only wanted to shower and get in the bed !! Nodding her head she agreed just to get him out of her face ..

"Whatever Cameron .." She smiled waving "Goodnight !!"

Once she closed the door, she made sure to lock all of the locks .. Checking on her sisters they were asleep and in their bed .. and like usual her mom was nowhere to be found !! Yasmine tossed the phone Cameron gave her on her bed taking a quick shower .. She had to be at school at 7:45 just to head straight to I-Hop afterwards .. Cutting the light off in her room she laid down seconds later she raised her window to let some air in just to see Cameron's truck was still sitting outside in her parking lot .. then the phone he gave her went off .. Grabbing it she noticed he had sent her a text ..

"Goodnight, see you in the morning !

Sitting the phone down she didn't bother to reply instead she laid down eventually falling asleep ..




What do ya'll think will happen ?

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