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"First question I will ask, is could you identify Cameron .. At that time I will need you to point him out !! And acknowledge that you know him !! Can you do that ?" The prosecutor asked

Nodding, Yasmine said Yes .. "Does he know I'll be testifying against him ?" She asked playing with the crucifix around her neck ..

"No, he won't know until he sees you in court that day !!" He said reassuring her ..

Nodding her head again, he went on to the next question .. "So, you just had a birthday to pass right ?" He asked

"Yeah !!" Yas replied

"Well when I ask you how old you are, it'll be important that you let them know you were 17 at the time !! ok ?" He paused waiting for Yas to agree

"Ok !!" She said softly

They went over every possible scenario, that Cameron's legal team would probably come up with or ask her .. Over a couple hours later, they felt like Yasmine was more than ready !! Sighing, she was glad it was over ..

"You're doing good Yasmine, after this trial the world will be a better place !!" He said winking as he grabbed his briefcase and walked out

Turning her attention to Daniel, he still held that same smile on his face "It's almost over !!" He said rubbing her shoulder ..

Giving a weak smile Yasmine was just ready to get home, she still had to pick the girls up from school, help them with their homework, and get them ready for the next day !! All while dealing with her pregnancy blues ..

"Can we go now ? I don't feel so good !!" She said rubbing her bump

"Yeah, let's go !!" He said guiding her out of the court room ..

Halfway out, she heard someone call her name .. Turning around she seen Linda, and she immediately kept walking .. she didn't wanna see her .. but she caught up with her anyway ..

"You're pregnant ?" She asked looking down at her belly smiling  "Is it Cam's ?" Yas seen the hope in her eyes but she quickly shut her down ..

"No !!" She said bluntly ..

"Oh !!" Pausing, she eyed Daniel "So, um, Cam told me you haven't been to see him yet !!" She replied folding her arms ..

Shaking her head, "After everything he did to me, why would I ?" She asked frowning up

Giving her a glare Linda understood, but she was still on her son's side .. right or wrong ..

"Well, tell me this Yasmine .. And I'll leave you alone !!" She said smirking .. "Do you have anything to do with this ?"

Rolling her eyes Yasmine's attitude was on 10 "No, Linda !!" She replied

Nodding, Linda accepted her answer "What are you doing here then ?" She questioned

Looking her up and down Yas was on her toes with a come back "Legal issues about the girls !!" Smirking, she knew Linda didn't have anything on her ..

"Ok, tell the girls I said Hi !!" She smiled "And congratulations on the baby !!" Walking away Linda disappeared down the hall ..

"You alright ?" Daniel asked

"Yeap !!" She replied

"So you don't plan on telling Cam about the baby ?" He asked ..

"Nope !!" She said popping the P

Sighing, Daniel could tell something was off with Yasmine "Listen, Yas .. whatever you dealing with emotionally !! You need to let it out .. because keepin it bottled up ain't gonna do shit but make it worse !!" Opening the car door for her Yasmine hopped in

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