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Cameron and Yasmine were in the middle of a intense tongue wrestling battle when the doorbell went off, ignoring it he continued to undress Yasmine as she moaned and bit her lip in bliss !! The doorbell continued to ring, causing a annoyed Cameron to stop !! In a way Yasmine was happy whoever was at the door stopped them before they could go too far, even though everything he was doing felt good she still wasn't ready to go all the way ..

"I'll be back !!" He sighed climbing off of her ..

Yasmine sat up as he walked out of the room, looking around she could tell Cameron was living pretty nicely. Getting out of bed she looked around his room, it was extremely clean, everything looked new .. Turning on the light in his closet she noticed he also was a bit of OCD, there was little to no color in his wardrobe outside of black, gray, & white .. And everything was color coordinated, just like the typical man it looked like he had every pair of Jordan's that ever came out, Ralph Lauren boots, Limited Edition Givenchy shoes, it was clear he had taste ..

Hearing a high pitched scream from downstairs Yasmine walked out of the closet and followed the sound .. Cameron's voice was heard clear as day echoing through out the house as he yelled, he sounded pissed off but she also heard a woman .. As Yasmine got closer to the stairs she looked down and seen the same girl from the night before on the floor crying as Cameron stood over her with his fists balled up .. The other guy he was with at I-Hop with was standing just a few feet away .. Yasmine watched as Cameron kicked the girl in her abdomen over and over again, she stood at the top of the stairs froze as she watched the girl get beaten ..

"If you wanna go then go !!" He yelled at her as he picked her up by her arm dragging her towards the balcony .. The girl was screaming and crying trying to get away from him but she couldn't seem to break his grip .. "You free to go, but it's only one way you leaving !!" He said as he slid the glass door open ..

The girl frantically kicked and screamed trying to pull herself back inside as Cameron dragged her further and further on to the balcony and closer to the railing ..

Yasmine was so caught up in the moment she didn't even realize she was crying, looking down at her body she realized she was only dressed in her bra and shorts but she wasn't gonna stick around to find out what in the hell was going on .. Covering her mouth she tried to keep as quiet as possible as she went downstairs past the commotion as soon as she opened the door Cameron and the other guy looked back at her that's when she took off .. She heard Cameron tell the guy to catch her so she ran even harder .. With no clothes on or shoes she was praying she could get away from the guy .. She could feel her chest getting tighter and tighter but she still didn't stop running, glancing behind her she realized the guy was no longer on her trail but Yasmine kept running !! She needed to get to her little sisters before Cameron did, and with her being on feet she couldn't afford to slow down ..

By the time she made it to her sisters school, her chest was hurting !! Walking inside she got all kinds of crazy stares as people watched her stride in in nothing but a pink lace bra and some blue jean short shorts, her hair was all over the place, and she had no shoes on. Yasmine didn't care, her only concern was her sisters ..

"I need to check Sky, and Star Banks out of school !!" She said out of breath

"Ma'me are you ok ?" The secretary asked frowning up at her

Slightly raising her voice Yasmine wasn't up for any questions "I'm fine I just need my sisters !!" She yelled

"Ok, what's your name ?" The secretary asked

"Yasmine Banks !! I'm their big sister !!" She replied looking around ..

"Ok, wait here just one second while I go get them .. could I get you to sign them out !!" She said standing up and gesturing to the sign out sheet ..

Yasmine quickly wrote her name down and followed the secretary .. She didn't have time for her to bring them all the way back to the office, Cameron knew where they went to school .. where they stayed everything !! Her plan was to get all three of them to Krystal's house before he caught up to her ..

The twins were surprised once they seen their sister .. Yasmine yanked both of them up into a tight hug before grabbing their hands and leading them out of the school "Where are we going ? Why did we leave early ? Is Cameron here ?" Star asked "And where is your clothes ? and shoes ?" Sky finished as they walked down the sidewalk

Glancing around one last time Yasmine stopped before kneeling down in front of her baby sisters "Both of you listen to me .. and listen to me good--" Before Yasmine could finish her sentence her sisters ran straight past her ..

"Cameron !!" They yelled as they ran towards him ..

"Girls no !!" Yasmine ran behind them grabbing their arms before they could reach him ..

Pulling them away from him Cameron had a smirk on his face as he walked closer and closer towards them ..

"Yasmine ..  what's wrong ?" Sky asked pulling away from her ..

"I got ya'll some gifts at the house !! Wanna go get them !!" Cameron asked

"Yes !!" Both of the twins broke away from Yasmine running up to Cameron

"Go get in the car !!" He said staring at Yasmine ..

She broke down crying as she watched them run to his car "Just let them go and I won't say anything .. I promise !!" Yasmine begged

"No, I'd be making a huge mistake if I let you go ..!!" He replied walking up to her ..

"You're worth more to me than I thought !!" Wiping her tears with one hand he wrapped his arm around her waist with the other ..

"We had a deal remember !!" He said looking around

"Why did you do that to that girl ?" She asked

"She not what you need to be worrying about !! Come on .." He pulled her by the waist to the car ..

Stopping Yasmine began to beg him again "I changed my mind !! Cameron I'll give everything back to you .. just let us go !!" She begged

"My lawyer already at your mom's house getting the papers signed .. it's too late !!" He said shoving her towards the car

"Call him and tell him you've changed your mind !!" Yasmine said

Pulling her towards the back of the car Cameron looked her in the eyes "I didn't change my mind so I'm not telling him shit .. y'all going with me !! So before you get in that car fix your damn face !! Stop the fuckin crying and pull yourself together .. don't let me find out you done said anything to your sisters, the less they know the easier it is to handle them .. now wipe your eyes and get in the damn car !!" Stepping back Cameron waited for her to stop crying then he put her in the car and drove off ..


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