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The beginning of her shift always went by slow, they didn't usually pick up until around 10 o'clock when the alcoholics would come in from the club, along with their kushed out buddies who had the munchies and would order up the whole damn menu ..

There were two men sitting in her section, breaking away from her books she quickly walked over not wanting to have them waiting .. from the looks of it they had money, and she needed her tip !!

"Hi, I'm Yasmine .. I'll be your waitress for the evening !! Can I get you anything to drink ?" She asked with a smile glancing at the clock ready to go home .. she had 2 whole hours left and she was slowly counting every minute ..

"Two cokes ma !!" The guy closer to her responded without looking up at her ..

"Ok, Are you ready to order ?" She asked

"Nah" He said finally looking up at her, liking what he saw he licked his lips and smiled .. "We waitin on somebody .. we good !!"

"Ok, I'll get your drinks out here !!" Yasmine smiled before walking away ..

She could feel the guys on her ass as she walked away, it was nothing new to her considering the majority of the men she waited on eventually ended up asking her for her number or even asking her out !! Never giving them a exact answer until after she got her tip, she always respectfully declined !! It was almost 12, and Yasmine had started packing up her stuff .. She had class in the morning and by the time she made it home she wouldn't have time to do anything else besides shower then sleep !!

"Yasmine !! What are they still doing here ? Everything ok ?" Brady her manager asked as he walked around the corner with his hands up in the air

"They're fine, what you think I just left them sitting there for the past 2 hours ?!" She asked rolling her eyes as Krystal laughed

"I'm just checking !!" He said walking off ..

Laughing Krystal nudged Yasmine in the side "What's up with them anyway .. they fine as hell I know that much .." She said biting her lip as she eyed the two men at the booth

"Sure in the hell is !!" Yasmine agreed

"I wonder what in the hell they waiting for .. They been here a whole two fuckin hours !!" Krystal started folding napkins

"I don't know .. they said they were waiting on somebody !!" She replied zipping up her bag

"Whoever in the hell they waitin on ain't comin !! I would've been left !!"

"They're leaving now .." Yasmine said as she watched them get up, they both tossed some cash on to the table .. looking back at her one last time one of them smiled at her before walking out ..

Once out of sight Krystal didn't miss a beat as she walked over to the table collecting Yasmine's tip off of the table, her gasp was heard from across the room as Yasmine walked over to her looking over her shoulder ..

"What ?!" She asked

"Bitch !! I got the wrong fuckin sections tonight .." Krystal grabbed her hand placing the money into the palm of her hand "All Benjamin's bitch !!" She said with a huge smile on her face

Yasmine counted out the money which added up to be six hundred bucks .. Like two teenage girls they both started hopping up and down in the middle of the restaurant while squealing !! Earning stares from a few of the customers they both busted out laughing ..

"Here, you take this !!" Yasmine said handing her a hundred bucks

Krystal pushed it back her way as she shook her head declining it "No ma'me, you need that more than I do !! You keep it and buy my girls Star and Sky some toys or somethin !! I'm not takin that !!" She said smiling at Yasmine

"Thanks Krys !!" Yasmine said stuffing the money into her pocket ..

It was now 12:10 and it was time for them to clock out and go .. They both rode the same bus every night home eventually going their separate ways as Krystal had a whole nother 20 minute ride to go .. Hugging her, Yasmine got off of the bus and began her 10 minute walk home ..

"Aye !!" She heard a voice call out to her, ignoring whoever it was she kept walking .. Her mace was attached to her keychain with her finger already on the trigger "Aye, Yasmine !!" The man's voice called out again

Turning around she saw the man from eye hop walking across the street heading her way ..

"You remembered my name .." Yasmine said eyeing him suspiciously

"Yeah, I did" He smile showing a perfect set of white teeth ..

His hair was cut into a low cut fade, diamond studs hung from his ears, light skinned, no tattoos, about 6'3, his muscles were showing perfectly from underneath is his crisp white tee .. A diamond crucifix hung from his neck, while a platinum Rolex graced his wrist ..With light blue faded true religion jeans he had on a all white pair of forces to go with his attire .. Yasmine couldn't deny he was sexy as fuck ..

Licking her lips she looked around, noticing a couple other guys with him she dismissed herself "I gotta go !!" She said about to walk away just to be pulled back by him

"Let me take you home !!" He suggested pointing to his black F150, it looked brand new ..

Laughing "No, thank you .. I'll walk !!" She said walking away but he caught her by the arm again

"Well can I at least get your number ?" He asked with a smirk

"I don't have a phone !!" She said walking away again, she wasn't lying .. she couldn't afford the bill every month so she didn't bother .. Yasmine heard footsteps behind her, looking back the guy had caught up with her again .. "I really have to get home !!" She sighed

"Let me take you !!" He said again

Laughing Yasmine shook her head "I don't even know you man !!" She said throwing her hands up

"I'm Cameron !!" He smiled grabbing her backpack from off of her shoulder .. Grabbing her hand he led her across the street towards his truck..




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