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Cameron stared Yasmine in the eyes as he walked his way over to the car, stepping out the policeman spoke to him as he headed their way !! Yasmine froze, she couldn't take her eyes off of Cam .. In a way she wasn't even surprised he was there, she was just getting a taste of her freedom and it was already getting ready to be snatched from right underneath her nose !! Opening the door Cameron bent down so that he was eye level to her ..

"You don't listen do you !!" Smiling, he stood back up "Get out !!" He demanded

Hesitating she began crying hysterically as she placed her face in her palms, she couldn't believe she was right back where she had started. If not worse ..

"What the fuck I tell you about that crying bullshit Yasmine !!" He spoke calmly, almost too calm .. So calm that Yasmine knew when he got her alone he would eventually explode !!

She shook her head no causing him to yank her out of the car by her arm, pulling her to his car he tossed her into the front passenger seat putting the child's safety lock on before he actually closed the door ..

"Have a nice night fellas !!" Cam nodded at the officers as he walked over to the drivers side of the car, he could hear Yasmine inside raising hell. Rocking the car, yelling, kicking, and crying she was definitely pissing him off ..

Getting inside he punched her in the side of her face, grabbing her by the neck he brought her face to face with him "Stop showing out Yas, the sooner you get with the program the better !! So far I been sparing your ass, but I got little to no patience right fuckin now so I suggest you get it together or you will be wishing you had !!" Letting her go he threw her into the side of the door ..

Trying to catch her breath Yasmine held her neck as she continued to cry ..

"Stop crying !!" He yelled causing her to jump

But she quickly shut up .. Trying to control her sobs she wiped her face .. Cameron pulled off, but he never said anything until they got on the interstate ..

"Where's your sister's ?" He asked calmly

Sighing Yasmine licked her lips, but she stayed silent ..

"Yasmine !!" He said again glaring at her .. "You want ole girl to go to jail ? I know that's who got them .. If I get to her first before you give her up I promise this won't end well so tell me where they at !!"

Sighing Yasmine looked at him "Just let me call her, I'll get them back, just leave her out of this .. Please Cameron !!" She begged

Nodding, he agreed as he handed her his phone .. "Remember Yas, Fuck up one more time !!" He said as he let the phone go ..

She nodded back at him as she dialed Krystal's number, answering on the second ring she could tell Krys was sleep when she called

"Krystal--" She began only to be cutoff

"Speaker phone !!" Cameron demanded

Putting the phone on speaker they listened as Krystal went off ..

"Yasmine ? Yasmine where the fuck are you ?! I've been worried sick .. tell me where you at and I'll come get you !!" She yelled

Looking over at Cameron Yasmine sighed "Krystal, the plan is off .. just take them back to Linda's !!"

"What ? No !!" Krystal yelled ..

"Krystal just do it .. please .." Begging Yasmine knew if she didn't convince her to take them back Cameron would find her and there would be no telling what he did to her ..

"Did he put you up to this Yasmine ? What changed ? We had a plan !!" Krystal was clearly frantic but Yasmine knew she had to do what she had to do in order to keep everybody out of harms way .. She was in enough shit with Cameron and she didn't want Krystal to be on the receiving end of it too ..

"He didn't put me up to anything Krystal, just trust me alright !! Bring them back.. please !!" She begged

She heard Krystal sigh "They're sleep right now, is it ok if I take them tomorrow ?!" She asked, Yasmine could hear the sadness in her voice

Glancing over at Cameron, he nodded his head "Yeah, that's fine !!" She replied

"Ok, well, Yas, I don't know what's going on .. but I'm here for you !! ok .." Before Yasmine could even reply Cameron yanked the phone out of her hand ending the call ..

Not saying anything else to her he drove them home, Yasmine's heart was beating a million miles per minute !! She didn't know what Cameron had planned for her but she knew whatever it was she wouldn't like it .. His face stayed calm the entire way, in between taking phone calls and sending text messages he wasn't acting the way Yasmine expected he would ..

This go round they didn't pull up to his usual condo, they were now at a house !! It was huge, it looked like a villa .. as impressed as she was she had no time to admire the house as Cameron walked over to her side of the car opening the door for her .. Stepping out she was ready to deal with anything he was about to throw at her, after all the only thing she felt like she had to live for was her sisters .. So whether or not he beat her to death didn't make her any difference none whatsoever .. She knew her sisters would be well taken care of and that was good enough for her .. Once inside Yasmine admired the foyer as she looked around ..

"You like it ?" Cameron asked ..

He wasn't smiling, and he didn't look mad neither .. Yasmine couldn't read him ..

Nodding, her voice quivered "Yeah !!" She replied

"Go upstairs !! Take a shower, and change !!" Walking away, Yasmine looked around one last time before disappearing upstairs ..




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