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Walking out of Krystal's house, Yasmine was still nervous as she walked hand and hand with her best friend of eight plus years. Sitting only a few feet away was Cameron, still sitting in the car he had the windows cracked !! Yasmine knew that only meant he was listening ..

"You gonna be alright for the night ?" Krystal asked eyeing Cameron's car

"I think so !!" Yasmine gave her a fake reassuring smile

"Well, alright then Yas .. you call me if somethin pops up !!" They paused to talk to each other as Yas nodded.. Walking closer to the car they stopped again "Tomorrow at 11:30 right ?" She asked loud enough so Cameron could hear ..

"Right !!" She smiled

"Well alright !! Gimme hug" Krystal gave her a nervous chuckle as they squeezed each other tightly ..

Nervous,  Yasmine walked back to Cameron's car .. Once inside he stared upside her head waiting for her to say somethin, but she never spoke a word !!

"Yasmine !" He said calmly ..

Looking over at him she didn't say a thing ..

"Yasmine !!" He said louder, Noticing she acknowledged him but didn't answer him only pressed a button that Yasmine didn't even know existed yet ..

"Yes ? Cam .." She answered with a slight attitude

Giving a light laugh Cameron started the car as he rubbed his beard with his free hand, before she even knew what was happening Yasmine was pent against the door by her neck !! Watching her as she struggled to breathe, Cameron had a point to prove !!

"That attitude gotta go !!" Releasing her he pulled off into traffic .. "She coming right ?" He asked glancing over at her ..

"Yes !!" She sighed rubbing her neck ..

Glancing over at her once again Cameron had noticed her change in attitude, she was full of attitude, and also full of herself !!He also knew something went on in that house that made her that way. Little did Yasmine know he wasn't new to the game that he was playing, so he knew when something was off .. That obedient girl who had got out of the car only 30 minutes ago was no longer present, and he wanted to know what in the hell happened to her ..

"You know Yasmine, we done knew each other what ? Two or three months ?" He said looking over at her .. "So you really don't know me, you don't know shit about me, shit you don't know nothing about what the fuck I'm capable of .. You feel me ?" Laughing, Cameron looked back at the road as Yasmine stared upside his head ..

Continuing he grabbed her hand out of her lap and rubbed it as he spoke "With that being said, I expect you to fuck up from time to time .. But out of all the fuckin up you'll probably do, one thing I need you to not do is fucking cross me !!" He said pulling over on the side of the road .. Squeezing her hand tighter and tighter .. Yasmine gasped in pain ..

As the car came to a stop Yasmine was beginning to feel like he knew something she didn't .. "Cam, I told you .. I'll do whatever it is you tell me to do !!" She said staring him in the eyes ..

Smiling, Cameron put his hand underneath her shirt .. Rubbing his way up her stomach then to her breasts he rubbed and massaged them .. Then he pulled his hand out, rubbing it through her hair .. he grabbed a hand full of it before pulling her head back .. Pulling out a blade he rubbed the tip against her neck, causing her to immediately burst into tears ..

"Why the fuck your heart beating so fast Yasmine ?" He asked softly pressing the tip of the blade into her neck ..

Shaking her head she was crying inconsolably "You have a knife to my neck Cam !!" She replied frantically

"I didn't have a knife to your neck 2 fuckin minutes ago, so what was your excuse then ?!" He asked pressing the knife a little deeper, this time drawing blood ..

Screaming Yasmine couldn't free herself from his grasp at that point she didn't even know what to say to him, she didn't know if he knew anything, and she didn't want to snitch on herself either if he didn't .. so she just didn't say shit ..

"If you got somethin to tell me, tell me now Yasmine .. Cause if I find out you doing some shit you ain't got no business doing later .. I promise you'll regret it !!" He said biting his lip ..

"No, I swear !!" She cried trying to pull away ..

Staring into her eyes, Cameron let her go .. "This your last chance !! Fuck with me if you want Yasmine !!" He said putting his blade away ..

Leaning over in her lap Yasmine could barely breathe from crying so much .. Jumping, she felt Cameron's hand on her back as she sat up ..

"Calm down !!" He said smiling ..

Frowning up at him Yasmine watched as his whole persona changed ..

"You know I got you right ?" He asked rubbing her back "All you gotta do is trust me, do as I say, and don't fuckin cross me !! And you'll be good !!" He said "Life ain't fair Yasmine, it's time to woman the fuck up !! All this damn crying, and shit you doing .. ain't gonna get you nowhere !!" Staring at her he wanted to know what she was thinking .. "Talk to me !!" Folding his arms across his chest he sat back waiting for her to speak ..

Pausing Yasmine thought of everything she wanted to ask him "What is it you want me to do Cam ? I feel like your stalling .. you don't know how scary this shit is for me right now !!" She said, Yasmine knew she didn't have shit to lose so getting some shit off her chest couldn't hurt ..

"What you wanna do ?" He asked

"I don't know Cam, I don't know what the hell it is you do !!" Yasmine shrugged

Nodding Cam looked around as cars passed by on the expressway "Escort services !!" He smiled

Shaking her head Yasmine knew better "You're a pimp ?" Asking the question she already knew the answer to ..

Laughing Cam didn't answer "Yasmine, like I said .. I don't fuckin play !! You either with me or against me !! If you ain't with me now .. you will be later !! I promise you that !!" Starting the car Cameron pulled off once again ..

Tears still slid down Yasmine's face as she tried to wipe them without Cameron noticing .. Her plan with Krystal was in motion .. Only now she didn't know whether or not if she was setting herself up .. or him ..





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