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The drive back to the mansion Cameron was quiet the whole time. Clenching and unclenching his jaw. Yasmine's heart started to beat fast and her palms were so sweaty as she seen the mansion come closer and closer within view.

Abruptly the car came to a stop and he was yanking her out, pulling her inside the house. Tossing Yas to the floor of the entryway in front of the stairs.

"How much did you charge?" Rolling up his sleeves, Cameron slowly approached her, "Don't make this harder on you then it needs to be Yas.." He chuckled, circling around her like he was debating his next strike.

"I'm sorry Cam, I fucked up!!" Yaz tried to keep her composure and not cry knowing if she did whatever he was about to do next was going to be a lot worse.

Nodding his head, "Yea.. You fucked up.." Cameron yanked her hair dragging her up the stairs tossing her into the bedroom. Closing the door it was like she was standing in the lions den. "Take all that shit off.." Without emotion he demanded.

Quickly she started to take her shoes, dress and jewelry off. But seeing his expression he meant everything.. Shaking, she pulled her panties then bra off.

Like he was examining her, "What all did you do with him? Did you suck him.. Or did you let him fuck you.. And did you enjoy it!!" Cameron walked up behind her, pulling her hair back. Shaking she was too scared to answer, "You better answer me damnit!!" He pulled harder earning a yell.

"I fucked him, with a condom.." Yaz told him embarrassed.

Laughing, "At least you had good sense.." Grabbing Yaz between the legs hard, he took ahold of her pussy lips, "Did you enjoy it?" Cameron could see Yaz pulse beating in her neck, "Did he make you cum? Was it worth it?" Tighter he pinched.

Screaming at the pain, "No Cam!!" Her voice was almost unrecognizable.

"So why'd you do it??" Cameron started to twist her pussy lips.

Wanting the pain to stop, "Cameron I don't know.." He never loosened up his grip.

But then he did, "Go shower.. Clean yo'self up.. Come back in here with nothing on and be ready.." Cameron demanded, snatching off his tie walking out of the door locking it.

Sighing, she quickly got in the shower and scrubbed herself clean. Between her legs had been throbbing from vice grip Cam had did. So washing down there was just painful. But she did the best she could, getting out then drying off. Fixing her hair in a neat high ponytail, she kept trying to control her breathing. Soon she finished and walked back into the bedroom - there stood Cam in the middle of the floor by the bed.

His eyes were colder then anytime she could remember them being. But he kept his eyes trained on her. Walking up, he grabbed her arm and tossed her to the floor. "Open up.." He unbuckled his pants and stuck his dick in front of her face. Before she could put the tip in, he warned her. "How good you do will determine what I should do with you next.. So this better be the fucking best head you give me.." Looking down at her he watched as she placed him in her mouth.

Thinking quickly this was the first time that she was actually giving head and he wasn't forcing it down her throat. But he wanted her to do it on her own.. Yasmine's mind instantly went to the many times she ate Popsicles as a kid. She took a slow unsteady breath and put her mind into what it could be rather then what she actually was doing.

Glancing up at him, She could clearly tell it was working because he had his eyes closed and was using the bedpost for balance. Massaging his balls, his body weight leaned a little more on her. Then his hips started to thrust with her movement. Feeling him near cuming, She pushed him as far back into her throat as she could.. But halfway he stopped her,  aggressively slinging her to the bed, spreading her legs.

Without any foreplay he pulled her knees to the end of the bed and slammed into her. Crying out, he knew she wasn't wet or ready but this was part of his twisted game.

Cameron's facial expression was unreadable but with his body actions you could feel he was mad. Pounding into her, he then grabbed her neck and squeezed as he rigorously rammed inside of her. Not caring if he was hurting her or not.

"How does this shit feel to you Yaz?" Cameron asked giving hard jabs to her pussy and squeezing her neck preventing her from speaking. Clawing his hands she needed to breathe, "I can't hear you.." He squeezed a little harder. As he pulled her body down to meet his hammering thrusts, while choking her. She started to see spots.

Everything around her started to turn black, and her ears were ringing. She swore at that point shr thought she was dead, and he squeezed the life out of her for something she so stupidly did on a whim. She couldn't feel anything that was happening around her and the fact Cameron had already cummed and left her sprawled out on the bed darn near lifeless. Like a discarded piece of trash, hurt more inside than she could imagine.

Hours had ticked by, and she finally woke up. Cameron was still in his suit, laying back, ankle crossed on the bed smoking a blunt watching her.

Coughing, Yasmine's throat burned and it felt like her voice was gone. Not sure if she should move she just laid there waiting for anything he would say or do next.

"One more fuck up Yaz.." Blowing out the smoke to where it went over her whole body and hit her face, "One more.. I'll have you so fucking doped up somewhere nobody will feel your fucking pussy walls, and every opening of your body will lose its usefulness.." Cameron looked over at her, "I'll be back.." Getting off the bed with his blunt, he walked out locking the door.

Sighing, she started to think.. This isn't the way it should be, She knew she needed to figure out a way to get away from him. Whatever she was doing - just want working she needed help. But who??

Feeling the pain between her legs, slowly she got up. Looking around - again he locked every single thing in the room. Wanting to cry, She decided to save it for when she was in the tub. Running the bathwater as hot as she could, she climbed in. As hot as the water was - it didn't phase her. Yas felt so numb and empty inside. Scrubbing her body til it turned red. Finally she got out. Her stomach growled, and she was so hungry. Quickly grabbing a oversized shirt she pulled it over her body.

Trying to ignoring the feeling of her stomach eating her insides she climbed back in bed, forcing herself to go to sleep.

Waking up, Cameron was right there watching her. Like she was some science experiment. The look he gave her, made her cringe.

"Lover boy you met last night wants to meet you.." He sat back in the chair that he brought into the room for this conversation, putting his elbows on the arms of the chair. "He's willing to pay big dough for you, and I can understand why.. You do got good pussy.." Cameron looked away from her, "Go eat.. Get dressed.. Be ready.. Don't play no dumb shit this time or I won't be so willing to forgive you.. You're going to pay me, for the free pussy you gave away.." Harshly he got up from his chair and walked out, leaving the bedroom door open.


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