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Yasmine sat in her 7th period class watching the clock, anxiously tapping her pen against the palm of her hand it was her last class of the day which didn't release until 3:15 !! She knew her baby sisters were on their way home on the bus and she tried to always be there when they got off .. which meant she would have to rush home, find them something to eat, get them started on their homework, all before her shift started at 5:00 !!

The bell went off and everyone got out of their seats racing for the door, including Yasmine !!  Just for her to be stopped by her teacher Mr. Walker, Stepping in her way he adjusted his glasses before speaking ..

"Miss Banks, You got a minute ?" He asked as he put on a corny smile

"Not really, I need to go !!" She replied taking another look at the clock

"It'll be quick !!" He said adjusting his glasses again as Yas rolled her eyes "I've talked to a few of the other teachers and everyone says your passing their classes, but not mine .. and I think it has something to do with you constantly having to leave early !! Can you tell me what's that about ?" He asked sitting on a desk in front of her

Clearing her throat "My little sisters, they make it home slightly earlier than me and my mom works so I don't like leaving them home alone for too long !!" She lied

Truth was she didn't know where her mom would be around this time, she was barely ever at home .. Always too busy in the streets looking for her next hit, the only time she came home was to pass out ..

"Well.." Mr. Walker began as he put his head down thinking "Maybe you could come to class early, and I'll let you leave early .. will that help ? Because right now your chemistry grade isn't looking too well and you need this class to go on to the twelfth grade.." He said with concern

"Yeah, Yeah, that'll work !!" Staring at the clock she was ready to bolt out of there or she knew for sure she would be late for work and she couldn't afford to lose a second off of her pay for the week .. "Is that it ? I really gotta go !!" She replied tapping her foot against the tile

"Yeah, we'll talk later !!" He responded

Not stopping for any conversation whatsoever Yasmine barely had time for a social life, the only time she got to converse with anyone was at work !! The only friend she had was her friend Krystal, they went to the same school but the only chance they got to talk was study hall, lunch, 2nd period, & work !! Other than that Yasmine was at home with her little sisters at all times .. Deciding against waiting for the bus Yas took off around the corner alone .. with her luck she knew it would take the bus damn near a hour to make it to her stop and that wasn't a chance she was gonna take !!

"Star !! Sky !!" She yelled throwing her bag down on the couch as she walked towards her little sisters room .. Hearing their laughter was all the confirmation she needed that they had made it home safely, and locked the door behind them just as she had instructed them to ..

"Hey !!" Yasmine smiled as they ran up to her hugging her legs .. Now 9 years old the twins were growing up right before her eyes .. Some days she didn't know how she would do it but she was determined to get them away from their mother and into a better environment ..

"I ordered a pizza on the way home is that fine ?" She asked as they released her from their grip

"Yes, that's fine" Star said as she looked up at her big sister "You have to work tonight ?" Sky asked

"Yeah, I do !! And ya'll know what that means right ?!" She asked just as she did whenever she had to work ..

"Yeap, don't open the door for anyone except mommy.. don't cook anything on the stove or in the oven, in case of an emergency call 911 .. we knooooww Yasmine !!" Sky huffed turning her attention back to the TV

"Well goooood Sky !!" She said mocking her sister "I have to get dressed, listen for the pizza man .." Walking out of the room Yasmine put on her uniform and threw her hair up into a ponytail, working as a waitress at I-Hop didn't bring in that much money but with her tips she was able to help provide for her sisters and that was enough for her ..

"Pizza's here !!" Star yelled from the living room just as Yasmine was walking out .. Handing the delivery guy 20 bucks they took the pizza and disappeared into their rooms

Kissing them goodbye she left just so she could catch her bus downtown .. Just like clockwork Yasmine walked into I-Hop with her backpack slung over her shoulder, she did homework in between customers until she got off at 12 ..

"Hey Yas !!" Krystal said walking her way

"Hey Krys !!" She smiled

"I thought you weren't gonna show for a minute, Brady been askin where you at !!" She said folding her arms

"Fuck him !!" She chuckled sitting her bag down ..

Krystal smiled as she leaned on the counter .. "I got section 2 & 4 .. you can have 1 & 2 !!" She said looking around the restaurant

"Alright !! You got them ?!" Yasmine asked pointing to a table

"Nope .. go ahead !!" She said walking away

Yasmine tied her apron around her waist as she headed over to the booth ..




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