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The next day while the kids were at school Yasmine took the time out to go pay a few bills, more than anything she wanted to get the money out of the house before her mom sniffed it out then go sniff it up her nose !! The rest of her time was spent cleaning around the house, doing laundry.. with her headphones covering her ears Yas sat on her bed folding clothes .. In nothing but some light pink lace boy shorts and white tank top she was enjoying actually being stress free for once, all of her bills were paid, plus Star and Sky had everything they needed !! Feeling a tap on her shoulder she turned around to face her mother, who stood there glaring at her with her arms folded !!

"What ?" Yasmine pulled the headphones off

"You fuckin now ? Is that why you think you grown ? You got some dick and you think you runnin shit ?! Keep these high yella ass boys away from my door Yasmine .. You done lost your damn mind !!" She kept going off as she walked away

Confused and Irritated Yas put her pajama shorts on and walked out of her room, standing at the door was Cameron ..

"I thought I told you to be dressed !!" He licked his lips as she walked his way

"I forgot, I got busy !!" She sighed "Give me a minute !!" Going back to her room she picked out a pair of dark blue jean short shorts and with a all white fitted baby tee !! Sliding into a pair of sandals she checked her threw together outfit in the mirror while putting her hair up in a ponytail ..

Cameron opened the door for her as they both walked out and headed downstairs ..

"So you gonna tell me what last night was about ?" She asked as he grabbed a hold of her hand squeezing it ..

"Nothin important !!" He replied quickly

"Well, whenever you pull a gun out on somebody it's important !!" Yasmine side eyed him

Caught off guard he lightly shoved her into the side of his truck getting in her face "Whatever you see when you around me I don't need you repeating it .. aight ?" He asked staring her in the eyes ..

Yasmine stared at him slowly nodding her head .. Cameron looked around before grabbing her hand again leading her to the passenger side. Securing her inside he got in as well and drove off .. Driving in pure silence for almost 15 minutes Yasmine was too nervous to even speak to him, while he checked his phone and made phone calls the entire time ..

She sat silent looking out the window as they drove "You know, you really need to consider moving out of that apartment .. The twins don't need to be around that bitch !!" He said never finally breaking the silence

"I'm 17, Cam .. I can only do so much until I'm 18 !!" She sighed

"Well let me help you then .." Cameron looked over at her smiling

"How can you help me ?" Yas asked smirking

"I can get you and the girls a apartment, in my name .. I'll pay the bills, get you a car, everything until you graduate !!" He replied

Laughing Yasmine shook her head "You never cease to surprise me !!" She giggled "And what would you want from me Cameron ?" She asked

"You !! That's it .." He said with a smile

"Yeah, ok !!" She sat still laughing

"I'm serious, I could get your moms to terminate her parental rights of your sisters !! And I'll have custody until you graduate !!" He replied calmly watching the road

Yasmine stared at him as he drove, the idea sounded good .. the only problem was .. it sounded too good to be true ..

"I don't know !!" She said almost to just herself "My mom wouldn't sign them over anyway, as long as she's getting a check for them she'll keep them !!" Yasmine shook her head

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