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Gumball x Marshall smut oneshots by Love-chan901
Gumball x Marshall smut oneshotsby Depressed Things
Gumlee one-shots
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Tinky Winky x Reader (Smut..?) by waytooYAOIobsessed
Tinky Winky x Reader (Smut..?)by waytooYAOIobsessed
Tinky Winky gets you to play with his Winky . . . . . . . . . . . . . smut?
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Being a Good Girl.  by qkaikai0
Being a Good Girl. by qkaikai0
CeCe is living a weird ddlg like life with her boyfriend , and She is trying to learn what pleases him the most so she can be the perfect good girl . SEX CONTENT RATED R
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Miss Badass (Discontinued) by Annx2407
Miss Badass (Discontinued)by Annx2407
Alex or known as Lex to her friends is the typical badass rides a motorbike, street fights(secretly), street races and ends up getting arrested a bit to much. When she r...
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Yaoi pics!! by fuck_life_23
Yaoi pics!!by fuck_life_23
The title says it all smexy readers Ya don't like don't fucking read it No ship hate here Love is love and that's that
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Control || Tanjiro x Zenitsu by UnsettlingWorld
Control || Tanjiro x Zenitsuby ➳|Ig͎͚̥͎͔͕ͥ̿u̟͎̲͕̼̳͉̲ͮͫͭ̋ͭ͛ͣ̈...
ALOT OF SMUT AND MOANS AND THE GAY SHIT 😎👌 Zenitsu is deeply in love with Tanjiro, He raised him ever since his parents died and took him in. Now as Tanjiro meets his...
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An Abandoned Classroom (Drarry Smut) by frecklefetish
An Abandoned Classroom (Drarry Smu...by wowza
"Potter." ~discontinued~ (cover by chouette-e on deviantart)
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Candle in the dark by shannah95
Candle in the darkby Shannah Lewis
Her. I look like a simple girl living a simple life. But if you knew my secrets from my past and my darkest fears you would see that I'm not a simple girl but I am tryi...
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Rise of the Immortals (Realm of Order Online LitRPG Part #1) [Under Editing] by MaxMHope
Rise of the Immortals (Realm of Or...by Max M. Hope
[Under Heavy Editing] Marty Rider was an unpopular kid. A hack & slash style VRMMORPG called Realm of Order Online was a popular game amongst students in his school, and...
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Angel Of Darkness by HappilyMotionless
Angel Of Darknessby HappilyMotionless
A Vampire Rockstar and A Human fall for each other.. what could go wrong?
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Daily Dose Of Hoseok  by Yoonie_Seokie_OXO
Daily Dose Of Hoseok by Anime_eminA
{smut ahead} Bottom Hoseok fam. I gotchu. BTS × Hoseok Fanfics
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Trapped Within His Wings by MrsRehlander2016
Trapped Within His Wingsby Mrs. Rehlander
Hawks has never wanted anyone as much as he wanted Dabi, so in the dead of night he steals him from the league. With the winged hero refusing to ever give him his freedo...
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"Truth or Lie?" {Kokichi x Shuichi} by RinMeiWang
"Truth or Lie?" {Kokichi x Shuichi}by RinMeiWang
Shuichi Saihara has an fever who beg to miu the medicine,Miu DID I give but it's the WRONG ONE. Wanna know what happen next? READ THIS *lenny face*
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List truyện của Harada-sensei by NhimPretty
List truyện của Harada-senseiby Một con hủ đi ngang qua
Vì quá cuồng sensei lại do rảnh rỗi cộng với việc không có trang nào có đầy đủ truyện của sensei nên viết ra list này chủ yếu là cho bản thân đọc và cho những bạn mới bi...
Passion by believeculture
Passionby Juliana
Eu sinto que você está mais perto a cada vez que eu chamo, eu sei o que eu sou e a vida que vivo e mesmo se eu pecar, talvez nós nascemos para a vida. Mas eu sei que o t...
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Glistening Night • Hoseok OneShot • by kookiesspacebuns
Glistening Night • Hoseok OneShot •by kookiesspacebuns
What happens when you unintentionally tease Hoseok....and everyone else is asleep. #6 in domhoseok #6 in jdope #298 in kpopsmut #274 in hardcore #853 in submissive
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Heaven in Hell by topper93
Heaven in Hellby Mystique_me
Among the most difficult military trainings on the planet, Special Defense Forces - be it Ranger, SWAT, Navy SEAL, MARCOS or SAS hold the torch of inflicting unprecedent...
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Tasukero ya Red Riot    by roastytoastyprincess
Tasukero ya Red Riot by roastytoastyprincess
This is hardcore yaoi sex manga between kirishima and bakugou dont like harfcore dont read please Art is not mine credits go to SCO.LABO shoco On myreadingmanga Enjoy
Fem Creepypasta X Hardcore Henry Male Reader by Man0Steel177
Fem Creepypasta X Hardcore Henry M...by Man0Steel177
Ok, warnings first, i do NOT own Hardcore Henry nor do i own the creepypasta's in this story, i merely own the story. I also do not own the art. one more thing, this has...
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