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Hearing Cameron turn the shower on Yasmine pulled herself up off of the floor. Still in tears she was determined to get away from Cam, the sooner the better !! Walking outside to the balcony looking over the side she noticed they were more than 10 story's up .. She knew his homeboy's were still downstairs and doubted she would be able to get past them !! Not knowing what to do she sat on the bed and cried .. Then she thought of only one thing she could do .. Picking up the phone she dialed Cameron's mom's number, picking up on the 2nd ring she heard her little sisters voices in the background !! They were happy, and that's all that mattered to Yasmine .. She didn't feel like she was strong enough to deal with whatever Cam had planned for her ..

"Hi Linda !!" She smiled as her voice quivered ..

"Hey honey, you ok ?" She asked

"Yeah, I'm fine .." Yasmine stared at the ceiling as she attempted to fight back her tears ..

"You wanna talk to your sisters ?"

"No, Not right now, I needed to speak to you first !!" Sighing she gathered her thoughts together, preparing herself for the conversation they were about to have ..

For all Yasmine knew, Linda could know about everything Cameron was doing then snitch on her .. As sweet as she was, you never really knew what people were capable of ..

"Well, what's wrong baby ?" Yasmine felt more comfortable once she heard the concern in her voice ..

"Would it be ok, if my friend came and picked the girls up ? Her little sister is having a birthday party at 4:30, and she wants Sky and Star there .. but I didn't wanna inconvenience you .. she said she'd bring them back by 8 too .. " Yasmine said as she walked out to the balcony

"Uhm, yeah .. I think that would be fine !! Cameron told me not to let them go with anyone but I don't see the harm in that !!" She laughed

Sighing, Yasmine knew it was now or never and she had to act fast ..

"Thank you Linda !!" She replied in relief

"No problem baby, tell your friend they'll be ready at 4:30 !!" Linda said

"Ok !!" Quickly hanging the phone up Yasmine dialed Krystals number ..

Hearing her voice Yasmine sighed and walked back inside, Cameron was still in the shower so she had time .. "Krys, it's Yas .. I need you to go get the girls tonight !! Get a pen and paper .. I need you to do this now !!" She said as she listened for Cameron to get out of the shower

"Ok, Ok, I got it .. what's the address ?" She asked

Telling her Linda's address and phone number, Yasmine was near tears as she started to bring the conversation to a end ..

"Krystal, tell them I love them okay .. I don't know how all of this will end but please let them know I love them and everything I did was for them !!" She said as she heard the shower cut off she knew Cameron was probably on his way out .. "I gotta go !!"

"Yasmine, wait --" Cutting Krystal off, Yasmine ended the call and headed into Cameron's closet .. She knew she didn't have that much time so she did what she had to do .. Pulling out a bottle of Hydrocodone's he had in there .. she took them, two at a time, she took all 19 pills that were in the bottle .. Walking out as if nothing ever happened she came face to face with Cameron ..

Looking her up and down "I thought I told you to go downstairs !!" He said heading into his closet ..

"Can I take a shower first ?" She asked trying her best to stall

"Yeah !!" He replied, walking off ..

Once in the bathroom Yas examined her face in the bathroom mirror, the side of her lip was swollen, her jaw was swollen, her face was red, and her eye had a cut .. Trying her best to not think about her sisters she just wanted the drugs to take in affect and do it's job ..

Deciding against a shower she decided to take a bath instead, she wanted to relax as the drugs kicked in because either way .. no matter what happened she was gonna be content when she went !! As long as she didn't have to deal with Cameron she was gonna be okay ..

Yasmine was in the bathroom for over forty five minutes before Cameron even thought to check on her ..

"What the fuck you in here doin girl ?" He asked walking in .. All he seen was Yas in the tub, asleep .. Shaking his head he shook her, but he got no response ..

"Yasmine !!" He said shaking her again .. after not getting a answer the second time he noticed just how cold her skin was .. Checking her pulse, it was there .. but it was faint ..

"Shit !!" Cameron picked her up out of the tub laying her on a towel.. where he found his empty bottle of hydro's ..

Once he wrapped her in it he took her downstairs and out to his car .. Cameron was pissed & even concerned which was alike him !! If it was any other bitch he would've dumped her on the side of the road and let her die .. Calling ahead of time there was nurses waiting for her at the door .. He went in with her but could only go so far, then all he could do was wait !!


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