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Weeks had past by and Yasmine was starting to enjoy the life that Cameron said she would .. The only person she was having sex with was him, he had grown so attached to her to the point where he barely even wanted to share her with anybody .. They weren't a couple, matter of fact they were more like homies but they were fucking, and she was definitely helping him make his money !! Besides catering to his every want and need Yasmine made sure the women were always on point, looking good, smelling good, and doing what the hell they were supposed to do .. As long as she wasn't the one out there busting it open for a few hundred she was content, Yas seen her sisters on a daily basis .. Just like Cameron promised they were in one of the best private schools in the country, and make good grades while at it !!

Surprisingly Yasmine was enjoying her new lifestyle, it wasn't perfect but if she had to deal with Cameron she was going to make the best out of it ..

Walking into the casino Cameron held Yasmine's hand tightly as they walked in like they owned the place .. It was one of the many trips they had taken out of town just to spend money .. Usually they would go alone but this time some of Cam's crew came along as well .. Khalil, Chris, Tony, Anthony, and Jason .. They had dropped a few girls off at the hotel then everybody headed to the casino to have some fun ..

Handing Yasmine a stack of cash Cameron looked her over one last time "Go have fun !!" He said walking away

Watching them walk away she wanted to know what they were about to do but decided against it, even though they were cool for the most part Yasmine still wasn't allowed to ask or do certain things .. Heading to the bar she ordered a round of shots .. Playing a few slot machines, she felt her body getting lighter and the only thing she was missing was a blunt !!

"Beautiful !!" A guy said sitting next to her ..

Smiling Yas kept playing the slot machine "Thank you !!" She replied

"You here alone ?" He asked looking her up and down ..

"No !!" Yasmine replied as she glanced around the room "I'm here with some friends !!" She smiled

"Can I get you a drink ?" He asked

Sighing, Yasmine finally gave him her full attention .. He was dressed in a gray Armani suit, navy blue tie, and navy blue shoes .. His cufflinks were sparkling, and so was the platinum Rolex around his wrist .. Smirking, Yasmine nodded in agreement !! Unlike Cameron, he had a caramel complexion, his skin was visibly smooth and blemish free.. With light brown eyes and a low hair cut, he was fine as hell  ..

Calling the waitress over, he never took his eyes off of Yas .. "What you want ?" He asked

"Cranberry & Vodka please !!" She replied taking her eyes off of him focusing on the waitress

Watching her walk off Yasmine focused her eyes back on her guest ..

"What's your name ?"

"Daniel .." He smiled

"Who are you here with Daniel ?" She asked printing her ticket off of the machine

"I'm here on business, staying in the hotel .." He replied licking his lips

"You have a room huh ?" She asked looking around, making sure she didn't see any of Cameron's crew lurking anywhere she focused back on him ..

"Let's go up !!" She replied taking the last of her shot to her head ..

She was feeling her drink, which meant she was feeling other things .. Sex had became a norm for Yasmine .. She loved it !!

Smirking Daniel nodded, "Cool, I'll have them bring our drinks up !!" He said

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