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Nobody's Girl

Nobody's Girl

354K Reads 14K Votes 41 Part Story
P By ParisCarter7 Completed

"Seventeen year old Yasmine Banks was struggling to take on school, work, maintaining a home for her two little sisters Star & Sky, all while trying to keep CPS out of their lives !! Brenda, their mom was too strung out to even keep up with the days of the week let alone give her kids a safe home to live in .. Stepping up to the plate Yasmine is given a opportunity of a lifetime .. but what happens when that opportunity leads to a world no-one would ever dream of stepping foot in .. with her little sisters futures at stake she's faced with a decision .. what all will she do to survive ?!"..

  • abuse
  • drugs
  • hardcore
  • hood
  • money
  • thug
  • trafficking
  • urban
  • wattys2017