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As Yas and Cameron sat and had a face off -stare contest. Instantly everything that had been going on around Yas started to hit her like a planned attack and she was the only victim being played. Taking a deep breath the game of pretending was starting to become more than a role. It was starting to become more like survival.

"Cam - wherever you wanna go.. Let's just ride.." Yas put her hand up like whatever and just sat back comfortable.

"What's wrong with you now? One minute you all over me and then it's like you just.." Cameron shrugged his shoulders, "You acting hella stupid on some Dr. Phil shit.. I told you.. This is how I make my money.. These bitches walking around here is keeping you in yo' Gucci, Prada, Dolce, Chanel and whatever else you accustom to.. So don't tell me shit on how I should be running it.. Shit is simple as that.." Starting up his F-150 an idea popped into his head.

Driving down the same streets Yasmine grew up on, "You see yo old spot?" Cameron pointed towards her old apartment, seeing Yas nod her head he continued, "Believe it or not.. Ya momma ain't there no more.. After she signed them papers and I gave her the cash - she dipped right after she signed and ain't nobody seen her since.." Seeing the realization in her eyes, he pulled off to his next destination.

Sighing, Yas was just in her feelings at the moment. Cameron showing her the things she had, made her remember the same girl who used to wake up everyday and struggled to take care of her sisters.

She forgot that - that same girl used to go to school and worked at a dingy old ihop - remembering the many nights sitting at the back table doing homework between customers. Yas put a smirk on her face.

Then like breathing.. Cameron forced his way into her life and changed everything.. But now hearing him say how he upgraded her to be something more great. It wasnt hard to see the two contrasting versions.

Looking down at her hands, fumbling with her fingers. "Cam.. When is it okay for me to finish school?" Yas asked to see where his head was.

Rubbing his beard be looked over at Yas and then thought of what she said. "Now.. It ain't that I don't trust you.. Because a nigga do.. But with this shit going around and 'Kansas' running off.. I can't take losing you too.." Cameron, sucked his teeth, "Lately I've been thinking about that too so I'll set some shit up online so you ain't gotta leave the house and shit.. Get you a tutor so you can finish.." Leaning over on the drivers door, he held the steering wheel with one hand, and didn't say much after that.

Which gave Yas more time to think and become more determined.  Even though he was trying to change she needed to make whatever Daniel could come up with workout for her. Cameron was making it too easy and comfortable to stay - even if it meant stepping on people to keep her position.


Following the next day was another party. As Yas looked around the crowded room filled with women, booze, men, money, drugs, with the music thumping inside the house.

Even though she looked the part being dressed in a Fendi fire engine red bodycon dress, suede bright fire engine red bottoms. Hair was styled in long beach waves, cascading beautifully down her shoulders and back. Yas even had diamonds complementing every asset of her body. Without doubt she was standing out.

Yas looked like she could be a model on the cover of Maxim magazine. Perfectly posed, on a white leather Italian sofa, she kept watch and took in her surroundings.

But tonight of all nights, Yas insides craved pills or alcohol - just something to take the edge off of the reality that her life was totally fucked.

"Hello beautiful.. I see Cameron is taking care of you wonderfully.." Jason leaned over and rubbed Yas leg, bringing it higher and higher.

Scooting away from his wondering hands trying to warn "Jason, Cameron ain't gonna like this.." Yasmine's voice sounded shaky.

Then suddenly his look turned evil really quick. Grabbing ahold of Yas upper arms he pulled her close to him. "Bitch you no special then any of these other hoes.. Remember.. I fucked you too.." Jason spat at her mere inches away from her face, then forced Yas on her knees, "The fuck you thought this was? 'Pretty Woman..' You gonna learn yo damn place dealing with me.." With a evil glint he back handed her, busting her lip, then grabbing a huge chunk of her hair. "Unzip my pants and suck my fuckin dick bitch.." With no hesitation he demanded.

Remembering to not cry, Yas looked up at him shaking and clearly scared. However from behind Cameron walked up, socking Jason in the back of the head. The end result had his body collapsing on the floor like rubber.

"So this is how we get down fam??" Cameron yelled at the limp figure on the ground trying to get on his feet, "Now I know we all sat down and had this fuckin' conversation before.. But you, Kahlil and probably the rest of y'all muthafuckas probably think it's a damn joke.." Grabbing Jason by the face, he pointed towards Yasmine, "Mine.. Don't.. Fucking.. Touch.." He socked him in his face with each word.

Trying to calm down, Cameron noticed how the party had stopped. The music still blazed throughout the house - drugs all over the tables, girls with coke on they nipples stood motionless, dudes came out of rooms where they had been fuckin his lineups moments before now had the look of confusion. Then he laid eyes on Yas.. She had a busted lip and the side of her face was turning red - no doubt she'll be sporting a mark later.

Frustrated - everything was falling apart. Cameron thoughts were leading him - to move Yas. So he'd be the only one with access to her. Maybe once his boys didn't see or think of her for a while - and they'd start to think out of sight out of mind. But the Daniel dude.. He was still skeptical of - he knew as a man don't nobody chase pussy the way that he been chasing after Yas, knowing their wasn't a prize at the end of the road. Shaking his head, his thoughts were too much over his head.

"Man.. Either you going to keep doing what the fuck you've been doing or get the fuck out.. Because all y'all muthafuckas are here to make my money.." Cameron looked over at the people around, " and pay me.. So.. Get it's only one of the two.. So get back out my fucking face and mind your own fucking business.." He told everyone in a irritated tone.

Laughing and sounding delirious, "That bitch gonna bring you down.. Watch and see.." Jason spit blood on the white marble floor smiling.

Nodding his head, pulling his gun out from his gun holster. "I'll set a example out of what the fuck I mean.. Just so you know I'm done repeating myself.." Cameron cocked his glock back, aiming at Jason's chest..

"Man.. Cameron.. We boys.." Jason looked up unbothered scooting away towards a nearby wall to rest his body.

Yas just stared blank at the whole situation, confused she didn't understand what was going on. The fact that Cameron and Jason flipped out on each other so fast. Made her hurry off the floor almost breaking her ankle she ran to Cameron.

"Cam.. I'm okay, see.." Yas tried to assure him.

Flinging her off of him, "Go upstairs and fix yo face.." Cameron never took his eyes off of Jason, only aiming his gun towards his left shoulder and letting a round go off. "Unless you wanna be next.. Learn and do what the fuck I just told you.." Still never taking his eyes off Jason, he seen how quickly Yas run upstairs.

With an unreadable expression, "Do you know why I shot you?" Cameron asked Jason, but seeing his body start to shake from the blood loss he started to shiver going into shock, "I'm done warning y'all about shit.. You have a job and I have mine.. We all eat and I don't fuck around with the shit you do behind closed doors.." Looking at his wound, "I don't want to have to repeat myself, so make sure everyone understands what I say when I say it.." Turning his attention away from Jason, he motioned for security to take him, then walked off towards his office.

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