Sacrificed by desiired
Sacrificedby Kate
Till the years of 1900, vampires lived in secret. But now, it has all changed. Now in the year 2132, they taken over. And they plan to make humans obey their each and...
  • romance
  • human
  • dominant
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A Need for Freedom by AJ_Vanity
A Need for Freedomby AJ Vanity
She's a slave, a trafficking victim desperate to find freedom, all under the nose of her wealthy Master.
  • kidnap
  • yesmaster
  • yessir
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Arron and Trexx by strawhat_pirate
Arron and Trexxby Straw
Barely escaping alive from a human trafficking ring, Arron finds herself running for her life as her captors seek to hunt her down, either to end her life or to torture...
  • hokage
  • trafficking
  • leafvillage
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Cache  by kitkat405
Cache by Kaitlin
What would you do for the ones you love? Katherine would soon find out just how far she's willing to go to protect her family. A normal day at a park turns into a whir...
  • romance
  • kidnaping
  • love
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Mad Love by sexybootyjah
Mad Loveby sexybootyjah
2 crazys in love? There is bound to be some conflict
  • crazy
  • madlove
  • tea
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Trafficked (COMING IN 2018) by sydianaharris
Trafficked (COMING IN 2018)by Sy Glizzy
Smuggled in for a lucrative trade. Beaten, bartered, broken in, until I obey. I used to be childlike. Innocent and safe. Now? I'm someone else's treasure. A stranger's p...
  • european
  • indian
  • trafficked
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Lord of the Coca by DonnieTheFU
Lord of the Cocaby DonnieTheFU
This will be the sequel to my first book, Brother of the Prophet. With aspirations of becoming a wealthy merchant, Qoacutec sets out to build a life for himself and free...
  • violence
  • narcotics
  • illegal
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Hostage (a Marichat fanfiction) by BlueLunaCrescentMoon
Hostage (a Marichat fanfiction)by Anastasia Vivier
Marinette has been transported from kidnappers to kidnappers almost all her life. Only when she was a little girl, she was tricked by a man who was a child abductee and...
  • pain
  • love
  • kidnap
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The Human Pet (Coming Soon) by Shy_Nadeau
The Human Pet (Coming Soon)by Shy_Nadeau
Bloomdale, a close knit town in Connecticut, has legalized human trafficking. Not only that, but there are actually human auctions every Sunday. Andi Irons, a 17 year o...
  • sold
  • trafficking
The Filthy Woman by notyour_ordinarypoet
The Filthy Womanby notyour_ordinarypoet
A young Indian woman in her early twenties faces a harsh life due to her so called incurable skin disease. Until she finds herself outside her comfort zone, Who would sh...
  • romance
  • trauma
  • trafficking
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Trafficked ™ by SincerelyWinny
Trafficked ™by Winny 👽
By this point I was scared to death... My hands were shaking and my legs were wobbling. I had always heard what happens to children who get kidnapped and I was NOT tryna...
  • trafficking
  • school
  • girl
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Tricks (#6) | PREVIEW by intoxicating-
Tricks (#6) | PREVIEWby Rose Black
Justin "Pitbull" Scott didn't care. He didn't care about the guy he just killed, or the many men he killed before that. He didn't care about the girls forced i...
  • badguy
  • dark
  • trafficking
Rayless by motelart
Raylessby lissa
Wiped of her memory, she is given a new name. Sold to the scheme of pimps, she is stripped of her dignity. Ray learns of the darkest corners of the world, the areas wher...
  • mature
  • dark
  • obsessed
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Sold by hallisonbrooke
Soldby Brooke
Brynn Weylyn's life is hard. Her family is in a constant state of failing. Whether they can't pay the bills or they're not home enough, there's always something. Brynn...
  • slave
  • kidnap
  • sold
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"CODE RED" by AriDaWriter
Her assignment is to get intellectual evidence about a large drug and trafficking problem going on. But she somehow forgets all about it when she meets the anonymous Kin...
  • drugs
  • nbayoungboy
  • hood
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Mombasa Raha, My Foot.  by risaharoun
Mombasa Raha, My Foot. by Haroun Risa
"Beyond the Hotel Gates, Money Silenced Many." A group of unemployed Kenyan youth stumble upon a lottery competition in its final rounds and decide to try thei...
  • abuse
  • paradise
  • youngadult
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Friendship Ties by HopesArrow_16
Friendship Tiesby Shaneikiya
Camryn's life hasn't been the best since her mother's death. Ever since the fall of his beloved Queen, her father stumbles in drunk, sometimes with other women, often wi...
  • faith
  • loss
  • diversity
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The Time Traveling Prostitute by SnethMeyers
The Time Traveling Prostituteby Sneth Meyers
Jack is kidnapped from 1878 where prostitution is a booming and lavish business, and brought to 2018 where the water turns frogs gay. The Time Travel Authority is lookin...
  • western
  • humor
  • gay
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DBH// Tick Tock: Connor X Reader by sissySPN721
DBH// Tick Tock: Connor X Readerby Shiloh Wolf
"But you're an Android. Aren't you supposed to obey orders from an owner or follow through with the highest probability?" You ask the robot as he unties you an...
  • mystery
  • relationship
  • anderson
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The Cartel by NSavage1
The Cartelby NSavage1
An Australian-American criminal organization called The Cartel sells everything, from information to drugs to arms to humans. Somehow they've managed to escape the grasp...
  • spy
  • trafficking
  • human
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