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Calling Cameron, he didn't answer on the first phone call .. so she sent him a urgent text message telling him it was important and to call her as soon as possible !! First hesitant, Yas walked over to Khalil to check his pulse. When she didn't find one, she headed to the bathroom to wash his blood off of her hands .. Then she went into Chloe's room, packing her a overnight bag she gathered all the stuff she would need which wasn't much considering a lot of her stuff was already at Yasmine's house .. Ten minutes had passed, and Cameron still hadn't texted back or called !! Not being able to stand being in the same house, with a dead body Yasmine bundled the baby up and left .. Once Chloe was safe and secure in her car seat Cameron called ..

"Cameron !! I need you to come home right now !!" She said starting her car

"Chloe alright ?" He asked

"Yes, she's fine !!" Yas replied backing out of the driveway ..

"Well what's wrong ? You alright ?" He questioned, listening to his voice it sounded like he was laying down which brought her back to what Khalil had told her ..

"Y.. Y.. Yeah.. I'm fine !! But it's a problem at the house !!" Yasmine's hands were shaking as she spoke ..

"Alright, I'm on my way !!" Cameron replied

Hanging up, Yasmine pulled back into the driveway and got Chloe out of her seat !! Holding her as she sat in the front seat of her black Range Rover, Yas waited for Cameron in the truck .. Her nerves were shot but deep down she knew she did what she had to do !! She was done letting people get a piece of her who didn't deserve her .. It didn't take Cameron long to make it home .. Watching as his black Benz pulled up next to her she held Chloe tighter as she got out of the car ..

"What's wrong  ?" He asked

Hesitating, Yas looked down at Chloe before she spoke "I killed Khalil !!" Looking up at Cameron, she watched as his face frowned up

"What ?" He asked

"I killed Khalil, Cameron !!" She repeated walking a little closer to him "He came over, I didn't let him in .. he walked in, I thought it was you until I went downstairs !! He said you weren't coming home and you weren't gonna be there to save me !! He tried to rape me Cam, so I stabbed him !!" Sighing, she stared into his eyes for a reaction

Cam bit his lip as he stared at her back, without saying anything he went inside the house and Yasmine followed ..

Once upstairs she watched as Cameron checked his pulse ..

"He's dead Cam, I checked !!" She said

Looking back at her then down at Khalil Cameron stood up ..

"You got everything you need for Chloe ?" He asked walking her way ..

"Yes !!" Looking up at him, he wiped the tears from her eyes ..

"What I tell you about that cryin shit ? Take Chloe to your house, I'll be there in about a hour or two !!" He said glancing at the clock

Nodding, Yas took one last look at Khalil and walked out of the bedroom ..


Once at home, Yasmine had to rock Chloe back to sleep .. after getting her calmed down she placed her in her bassinet in her room then took a shower then waited for Cameron to come back !! She couldn't sleep, and she had butterfly's in her stomach .. Knowing where Cameron kept a stash of his pills she went into the medicine cabinet and got a couple out, popping them in her mouth she swallowed them try as she went downstairs to get some water !! She wasn't even thinking when she did it, she just knew she needed her nerves to be calmed down a notch !! And she knew exactly what would do the job, she hadn't took them in forever but everything she had been going through plus the whole Khalil situation had her feigning all over again !!

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