I'm being stalked! O it's by a vampire the that's okay??? =S chap5

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Josh pov

She turn around to look at me or what off me you could see as I still had 6 football players on me

When she turned and looked I could feel a ahooting in my stomach and my heart started to raise at 100mph it reminded me of our nearly kiss


I leanr over to pick up her books when at the same time she did the same and omg I think at that point I could have died

I could smell her breath and see her big beautiful eyes  we both leaned in to kiss and I remember thinking if how I have wanted his for years just to feel her soft lips on mine feel that pleasure. Lizzy actually looked like she wanted to kiss me. Even with her being ripped off me it was still one of the best days of my life being close to her.

End of flashback***

At that point I knew I had to have her.if this happened again I don't know if I will be able to restrain myself.

James thinks he has friends,my friends are superhuman I would like to see our friends In a fight and I bet you all the money have what's alot that we would win.

What happens if it turns into a fight I mean I wouldn'tmind punching that boys face for what he did to lizzy.I would fight for her though because she's mine.she's  my angle my soulmate


sorry this is really short guys i am already writing next chapter and life is getting in the way

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