I'm being stalked! O its by a vampire then that's okay ??? =s chapter 13

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hey guys know its been a long time sorry pleae keep reading 




‘Brother what are you on about? When did you meet my soulmate?’ ‘ow younger brother of mind how naive you are, do u remember what I always told you  I am always steps ahead of you’  josh was now standing protectively in front of lizzy, if nothing else he had to save her if not himself. Because josh better than anybody knew what his brother in the right frame of mind was capable of if he set his mind to it.

My brother (drake) smirking evilly at me, ow god what has he got planned now. Drake bent round me to look at lizzy and winked that’s when all I could see was red. He knew that she was my soul mate how dare he even look at what was mine my property!! At that moment I couldn’t contain myself anymore the anger bubble over and it exploded as I lurched toward drake not caring what got broken or damaged as long as it was drake.

Let’s just say I got a couple of really good swing at his face and blood was everywhere when lizzy stepped in the middle she looked so distressed but I was too angry to try to comfort her ‘ stop you 2 are brothers’ she screamed . We both stopped this family revillary had always been there and I couldn’t let lizzy get in the middle.

Drake stepped towards lizzy, I was ready to strike if he tried to hurt her ‘good bye madam’ he said like a gentleman and kissed her hand. Did my brother want to die painfully well apparently? I was ready to strike when he stood by the window and yelled ‘game on brother she’s mine now' and jumped out of the window .

ow no we can’t fight over someone again last time this happened death surrounded us..................

and this time i have to much to lose


cliff hanger there ismore

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