i'm being stalked! O its by a vampire then thats okay??? =S

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Wow that kiss was amazing I don't know if amazing even describes it when our lips met it was like one of those moments that was so incredible that you know u will never forget.

Here I was just looking at this angel she didn't know it but she had my heart and always would have it.

Snapping out of mind and back into reality not wanting to waste one moment that I have with her. Lizzys facial expressions had gone from happy to complete sadness in a matter of seconds.

What did she have to be sad about, maybe she didn't feel the same way at that thought my heart broke into tiny pieces shattering into tiny puzzle parts that only lizzy could fix.

Lizzy suddenly turned around and started to walk away she looked like she was about to cry and at this my heart just about died at the thought of me making her sad.

The thing is I can't understand what I did to make her sad then again I thought of my feelings for her not being matched. :(

My lizzy was walking away from me when she turned her head and her face was lined with horror, pain and sadness.

Then my heart started to ache and hurt but because I'm a vampire this shouldn't be happening im dead im not meant to feel pain?.

Then what happened next I wasn't prepared for she collapsed to the ground writhing in pain she was screaming and yelling at her pain.

To see your soulmate in pain is like you stabbed yourself in the heart with glass but you don't get the pleasure of dying.

Lizzys eyes were now closing and I was dying.

Without even knowing it I'm at her side begging and crying for her to keep her eye open.

When her eyes finally closed fully my heartache went into overdrive and then I guess i fainted as i could feel myself falling into the black and my heart falling with me


Had to leave u on a cliff hanger

What making this happen to these 2??????????????

Any guesses?


Secretstar xxxxx

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