I'm being stalked! O it's by a vampire then that's okay??? =s

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***Lizzys pov***

"Hey baby how u doin did you hear what happened to this new hot guy today" my best friend elaina said excidedly.

"I need to have a girly chat like secret"I told her  "of course what's the matter liz " I took a big breath I couldn't believe this but I had to tell her what had happened

"I nearly cheated on uJames with that new boy then he got tackled by football players. I was so close to kissing him yet I don't know him " her facial expression was concussion by elaina was like jeremy kyle she was good at solving problems.

"lizzy do you like this  guy"she asked

I didn't know how to reply because I know I don't like him but there is some attraction there like we have met before.

"well he is fit but lizzy I wouldn't worry I just think that he's a hot guy because you can james are perfect for eachother but I have to go now ttyl "

Elaina always knew how to leave someone thinking about stuff but I knew she was right James and I are the perfect couple and I am going to put today down to the fact that joshs hot.

"hey baby I missed you"James shouted from the otherwise of the yard. James was perfect he was cute,funny,kind and best of all liked me.

"I missed you too" I said before he could say anything else my mouth was on his and I was kissing him passionatly.

"come on let's go to my house and crack on with this algebra work " I said pulling his arm towards my car.

I still feel guilty about this nerly kissing josh thing so I am going to prove to James that I really love him by giving him my virginity tonight.......

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