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I asked myself again was I falling for this boy and I knew the answer straight away...

My answer was like my mind after what had just happened in a mess so many thoughts feelings. Josh was still asleep and just looking at him was incredible. I don't think I truly realised how god like he looked. I mean could the gods by now not of realised that he wasn't there anymore.

How could you not miss a god? The crazy thing is though he likes me i mean how does that work. I'm really nothing special though most of the people at school would disagree I wasn't. I just wanted to graduate and get on with my life, but then I get a hot boyfriend that I thought was amazing but not. Then I meet a vampire and my boyfriend gets thrown out a window then I die. Wow my life has gotten crazy in the matter of a few days.

I can see josh just starting to wake up as soon as his eyes flitter open the instantly fix on me and a smile covers his whole face from ear to ear. 'Well isn't it nice seeing you again' we whisper almost like he's in pain.

Then he smiles at me and leans in and when our lips touch I can feel the butterflies, sparks and fireworks just like the first time.

'Well well haven't you gone up in the world and quite a catch u have there? Tut tut I know certain people won't be happy about this but u always was the dumb one.

Wait until mum and dad hear!!! Ha you're both going to be so died. Ow brother u will regret having her.'

'Brother how nice too see you' replied josh 'why would you do that brother when I met your soul mate first'


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